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Start Selling Online Now with Virtual Pos Integration!

Start Selling Online Now with Virtual Pos Integration!

Especially with covid-19, which has spread rapidly in the last 2 years, the tendency towards e-commerce has increased considerably. This increase has increased the interest and need for virtual pos. Virtual POS is a very important payment tool especially in e-commerce and marketplaces. With virtual pos, you can receive online payments and improve your payment receiving experience.

What is Virtual POS?

Virtual POS system; It is used to make payments by credit card and debit card on E-Commerce sites that offer products or services through online shopping. Classic credit cards are scanned POS (Point of Sale) devices virtual version and is also known as VPOS (Virtual Point Of Sale).

Customer experience is crucial for businesses of all sizes. It is especially important for digital businesses. With a virtual POS solution, customers can make transactions with a credit or debit card without entering information directly. Thus, both the payment is reliable and the payment process by the customer is fast and easy.

How to Get Virtual Pos?

If you have an e-commerce infrastructure or marketplace, but you are thinking about how to receive payments from your customers quickly and easily, the answer is to have a Virtual Pos. With Virtual Pos, you can receive payments quickly and reliably. So how will you have a virtual pos?

In order for e-commerce businesses to benefit from the virtual POS service, they must apply from banks in our country or payment institutions approved by the BRSA.

In order to apply to banks, the e-commerce site must be full of products to be sold and contain a number of texts and agreements such as the Membership Agreement, Sales Agreement, Distance Selling Agreements, Return and Cancellation Procedures that must be included in the site.

I have prepared the virtual pos application processes of the banks in our country for you:

How to Integrate WooCommerce Virtual Pos?

The question "WooCommerce is ready, virtual pos is ready, but how will the connection between these two be?" always confuses people. But you don't have to worry about that. As Gurmehub, you can quickly and easily integrate and start receiving payments with the integrations we have developed specifically for all banks. All you need to do is to get API information from your bank and save it by entering the settings section in the integration. Isn't it fast and easy?

Some of our Virtual Pos integrations:

e-export with wordpress
Customize Your Website, Grow Your Business

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