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Receive Payments on Your E-Commerce Site with WooCommerce Garanti Virtual Pos

Receive Payments on Your E-Commerce Site with WooCommerce Garanti Virtual Pos

In this article, Garanti Virtual Pos and WooCommerce Garanti Virtual Pos integration.

Covid-19 With the increasing number of online shoppers, especially medium and small businesses have started to transform their physical stores into online stores. Digitalization gives medium and small businesses a strong competitive advantage. The increase in the number of customers buying online has both grown this market and provided innovation opportunities for many companies.

You want to catch this competitive advantage and you want to set up an E-Commerce site. Hosting, domain and woocommerce infrastructure is ready. So how will you receive the payment? With WooCommerce, payment at the door, money order and PayPal payment options come. However, since PayPal transactions are legally stopped in our country, you cannot use this payment method.

You have learned about this situation and you want to buy a virtual POS from Garanti Bank, which is the subject of this article. What do you need to do? What are the Application Requirements? What are the Commission Rates? Garanti Virtual PosI will answer questions such as how to integrate with WooCommerce in this article. Keep reading to find out now!

What is Garanti Virtual POS?


Garanti Virtual POSis a secure payment solution developed to receive credit card payments for online sales.

Garanti Virtual Pos You can get paid easily and reliably with your online store and maximize customer satisfaction.

Which Transactions Can Be Performed With Garanti Virtual POS?

Pre-authorization, post-authorization, cash sales, installment sales, consumer credit sales/inquiry, recurring sales, cancellation, return with reference, free return, down payment, postponement, end of day, bonus usage, bonus earning, open/closed batch statistics, transaction inquiry, current documentation, new end of day, extra information sending, test operations, report download operations can be performed.

What are the Features of Garanti Virtual POS?

Turkish & English Interface

All interfaces where transactions are made and announcements are published on Garanti Virtual POS have been prepared in Turkish. These interfaces and integration documents are also available in English.

%99,9 Uptime Süresi

Garanti Sanal POS sisteminin ayakta kalma oranı %99,9’dur. Türkiye Elektronik Ticaret cirosunun yaklaşık %35’inin işlem gördüğü sunucular üzerinde yakalanan bu oran, erişilmesi güç bir teknolojiyi beraberinde getirir.

Shopping with Visa, Mastercard, Diners, AMEX and Debit Cards

Cards of all licensors are used at Garanti Virtual POS.


Transactions can be sent with "TL, USD, EUR, GBP, JPY, RUB" currency codes through a single Garanti Virtual POS.

DCC (Dynamic Currency Conversion)

It is a payment method that eliminates the exchange rate difference, especially in foreign merchants, where the cardholder makes the payment in his own currency.The exchange rates valid in DCC are USD, EUR, JPY, GBP, CHF, SEK, NOK, DKK, CAD, AUD, SAR, RUB, RON, CNY, AED.

Viewing Confirmed Orders

All confirmed orders can be displayed by order number or time range.

Viewing All Incoming Transactions

It is possible to view whether all orders have been provisioned and if rejected, the reason for rejection.

Order Search Facility

A desired order can be searched by specifying the Card Number, Order Number and Transaction Type as well as date constraints.

Receiving Sales Reports

Sales reports can be obtained on the basis of products and product groups for the sales made. In these reports, the total amount and quantity-based ratios of the products can also be seen.

Card Number-IP Amount Check

Transactions can be controlled with credit card control. Transactions that violate the specified rules are marked as risky.

Manual End-of-Day Transactions

End-of-day transactions can be closed by merchants from Virtual POS management screens.

Ease of Account Reconciliation

Total and detailed sales lists can be viewed on a daily basis. This provides ease of control with the bank account.

Download Facility

All end of day and order reports can be downloaded as excel or zip files.

Test Opportunity in Real Conditions

In the test environment, it is possible to test and integrate the system with all its functions without collecting from real cards.

Full Integration with Store Systems

Garanti Virtual POS can be fully integrated into store programs thanks to its APIs. Thus, approval, return and cancellation transactions can be done directly through the store program without connecting to the interface.

Keeping Up to Date with the Latest Developments

By signing up to our Customer E-mail list, you will be instantly informed about Visa and Mastercard's notifications, announcements and warnings, as well as our new services.

Applicability in Mobile Commerce (WAP) Projects

Garanti Virtual POS also allows payments to be accepted from WAP sales pages prepared in WML language.

Tele Marketing and Usability for Telemarketing

Garanti Virtual POS can also be used in telemarketing, telephone sales and mail order applications. The sales made by each seller separately can be tracked through Garanti Virtual POS.

How Much is Garanti Virtual POS Fee?

Packages and Monthly Limits

  • Start-up Package; 3.000 TL monthly limit
  • Medium Package; 5,000 TL monthly limit
  • Pro Package; 10.000 TL monthly limit

Merchants included in the packages are requested to pay 150 TL for the annual Garanti Virtual POS fee of 350 TL. No fee is charged for the Common Payment Page worth 100 TL in total and 3D Secure worth 150 TL.

What is Garanti Virtual Pos Support Line?

E-Commerce Technical Support Line: 444 0 339/7 | [email protected]

POS Support Line: 444 0 339

What is WooCommerce Guarantee Virtual Pos?

Garanti BBVA Garanti Virtual Pos Integration

You have a WooCoommerce store and you are dying to get paid. Then we have great news! Our WooCommerce guarantee Bank Virtual Pos plugin WooGaranti is for you and your store.

Woogaranti When you purchase our plugin, you can get help for the plugin and benefit from the live support system by opening support requests on GurmeWoo for 1 month. No need to worry about updates! Because you can benefit from updates during your license period.

In addition to these, we do not want you to think about the installation phase and we install it for your site. Initial integration and plugin settings are done by our team for free! Isn't it perfect for your site?

Features of wooCommerce Garanti Bank Virtual POS Plugin

  • You can receive payments with Virtual POS.
  • You can pay with Garanti PAY.
  • Improves your customer experience through a test environment.
  • You can make order returns.
  • Fully compatible with Garanti Bank Virtual POS APIs.
  • Without the common checkout page, WooCommerce can use the credit card form on the checkout page.
  • It shows the errors that occur during payment to the customer in detail.
  • You can receive payments in many languages using multilingual support.
  • It records the problems experienced in faulty orders in the order notes. Thus, it helps you to resolve the problems experienced by your customers.

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