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Sipay, PayTR and Lidio integration with POS Integrator allows users to make their second purchase 25% discount!

POS Integrator Bussines

The perfect collection method for your business.

3.800 ₺
Deadline April 31st!

POS Integrator PRO

The best payment plugin!

1.750 ₺
Deadline March 31st!

Multi Currency for Woo

Sell in multiple currencies.

1.360 ₺
Deadline April 31st!


Payment Plugin for your Marketplace!

3.600 ₺
Deadline April 31st!

Avoid Pirated Plugins and Take Advantage of Discounts to Reduce Costs

Pirated Plugins are dangerous for your business. You can become a victim of malicious code that they embed in plugins to get something from you. Think simply; why would they give you something that is not free? 


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