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Automate your shipping processes, save time and grow your business! Make hassle-free shipments with Shipping Integrator. Fully integrate with WooCommerce and offer the best service to your customers.

* Cargo Integrator is the first opinion and feedback for our valued users. BETA version is now live.

Integrate with your WooCommerce E-Commerce Site

Manage your e-commerce site's shipping processes easily and effectively with WooCommerce Shipping Integration. Our Shipping Integrator application works fully compatible with WooCommerce, automatically transmits your orders to cargo companies and performs barcode extraction effortlessly.

Thanks to this integration, you can manage your cargo operations from a single platform and monitor order tracking and shipping processes instantly. With its user-friendly interface and fast installation, you can complete the integration process without requiring technical knowledge and maximize the efficiency of your business by increasing customer satisfaction.

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Be aware of every step of your shipments with detailed cargo tracking.

Provide Partial Shipping

You can create a shipping barcode for each product in your order and send it on separate dates.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which integrations does the cargo integrator work with?

Shipping Integrator works fully compatible with popular e-commerce platforms such as Shopify, WooCommerce, Opencart and Wix. Thanks to these integrations, you can easily manage your shipping processes.

With which company can the cargo integrator be integrated?

It can work integrated with many cargo companies such as Aras, Yurtiçi, MNG, PTT, Sürat, UPS, DHL, Bolt and Sendeo. In this way, you can manage your transactions for different cargo companies from a single platform.

Do I need technical knowledge to use a cargo integrator?

No, Kargo Integrator has a user-friendly interface and you can use it easily without any technical knowledge. Step-by-step guidance is provided during the installation and usage process.

How do I create shipping labels?

You can easily create your shipping labels with just a few clicks on Kargo Integrator. The platform saves you time by automatically filling in all the necessary information.

Does the cargo integrator offer customer support?

Yes, Kargo Integrator offers customer support. If you have any problems, you can get fast and effective solutions by contacting our support team.

Integrate with All Cargo Companies

Integrate Shipping Integrator with your WooCommerce website now

Integrate Shipping Integrator for your WooCommerce based e-commerce site now and start creating shipping shipments for your orders.

* As Cargo Integrator, our SaaS application is integrated with WooCommerce and provides seamless integration with more than 10 cargo companies. BETA version to our users, we are happy to present it to our users. BETA version is the first test phase of our application and we aim to perfect our service by receiving feedback from our valued users in this process. BETA During this process, you can experience all the basic functions of our app, easily manage your cargo transactions and test new features. During this process, we aim to create a stronger and more reliable platform by making adjustments in line with the feedback from our users. Your feedback is very important for us to provide the best experience in the final version of our app. Thank you for supporting us by participating in the BETA process.