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Cross Platforms Guaranteed Transportation Service

Infrastructure Transport Migration Service

With us, your cross-platform migration will be smooth and fast. WooCommerce and Shopify offer ease of use, extensive customization options and powerful integrations, so you can stay ahead of the competition in your market.

Infrastructure Transportation Migration Service
Infrastructure Transportation Migration Service

Meet our professional transition support and contact us now for a free consultation!

Infrastructure Transportation Migration Service
Infrastructure Transportation Migration Service
Seamless Integration and Easy Management

During your migration to the new platform, we guarantee a complete and error-free transfer of your existing data. This makes system management easier and more efficient for business owners and managers.

Infrastructure Transportation Migration Service
Seamless Customer Experience

We increase customer satisfaction and loyalty by maintaining your existing customer database during platform migration. Your customers are offered an uninterrupted and high quality shopping experience in the new system

Infrastructure Transportation Migration Service
Data Security and Compliance

All data transportation operations are carried out in accordance with international security standards. Legal compliance is ensured by protecting the confidentiality and security of your customer and business data at the highest level.

Infrastructure Transportation Migration Service
Investing in the Future

Migrating to the new platform updates your business' technological infrastructure and strengthens its competitive position in the market. In this way, we create a flexible foundation to adapt to your future growth and scaling needs.

e-commerce infrastructure migration services

How the Migration Process Works

1. We Analyze

We analyze how much of the data on the source platform overlaps with the data on the platform to be migrated.

2. Test Data

We receive and review test data from the source platform. Note: Pricing may vary depending on how you get it in API, Excel, CSV format.

3. Preparation

We prepare the data we will transfer to the target platform and conduct transfer tests by comparing it with the source

4. Transfer and Testing

To Target (Shopify, WooCommerce) Products, Orders, Customers, Categories, Tags data.

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Who is E-Commerce Infrastructure Migration Service Suitable for?

E-commerce infrastructure migration service offers ideal solutions for businesses with various needs and expectations. Here are the types of businesses that will benefit the most from this service:

  1. Fast Growing E-Commerce Platforms: When growing e-commerce businesses start to push the limits of their existing infrastructure, they may choose to migrate to a platform that is more flexible, scalable and offers powerful features. Platforms like WooCommerce or Shopify are equipped with advanced management tools and integration options that growing businesses need.

  2. Businesses Selling in Multiple Channels: For businesses that offer products through multiple online sales channels, switching to an infrastructure that provides ease of integration and management increases operational efficiency. In this way, you can manage orders, inventory and customer data across all your sales channels through a centralized system.

  3. Businesses that Want to Expand to Global Markets: Businesses aiming to expand to foreign markets gain great advantages in reaching global customers by switching to platforms that offer multi-language and currency support and are compatible with international payment and shipping solutions.

  4. Entrepreneurs Investing in Technology: For entrepreneurs who aim to invest in technology-oriented and innovative solutions, switching to a constantly updated and developing e-commerce platform provides a competitive advantage in the long run. Especially platforms that can integrate new technologies such as AI and AR can increase sales by enriching the user experience.

  5. Performance and Safety Driven Enterprises: Especially for e-commerce sites that receive high traffic and perform large amounts of financial transactions, it is critical to switch to an infrastructure with high performance and strong security features. This both increases customer confidence and ensures business continuity.

This service can be customized according to the needs mentioned above and tailored to meet the specific requirements of your business. The infrastructure migration process allows you to quickly adapt to market dynamics while securing your business' digital assets.

Migrate to WooCommerce and Shopify from Other Platforms

When starting the migration process, we first conduct a comprehensive information gathering process about your existing e-commerce platform. At this stage, we examine the unique needs of your business, your existing data structures and integration requirements in detail. This information forms the basis for a smooth and efficient transition to the new system.

In the second phase, we make the necessary configurations and adjustments to the new system based on the information we have learned. This includes installing, configuring and customizing the new platform (WooCommerce or Shopify) that works best for you. During this process, we tailor the platform's functionality to your specific business requirements and aim to maximize the benefits.

Finally, we ensure that all important data from your existing platform is seamlessly transferred to the new system. This includes critical business data such as product information, customer data, past orders and user interactions. Once the transfer is complete, we run extensive tests on the system to make sure everything is working correctly.

This rigorous process ensures your business has a smooth transition to the new e-commerce platform and a strong position in the digital marketplace.

Migration Process to WooCommerce: Migrate from Various Platforms

WooCommerce offers an ideal solution for small to large e-commerce businesses with its flexibility and wide integration options. Migrating to WooCommerce from various e-commerce platforms such as Ticimax, T-Soft, IdeaSoft, Ikas, OpenCart and PrestaShop can modernize your business's digital infrastructure while improving user experience and functionality.

Migrate to WooCommerce from Different Platforms: Migration to WooCommerce is possible from various platforms such as Ticimax, T-Soft, IdeaSoft, Ikas, OpenCart and PrestaShop. With customized migration plans for each platform, we offer solutions tailored to the specific needs of your business. This way, you can increase your competitive advantage in the marketplace by keeping your digital assets up-to-date.

Maximize the e-commerce potential of your business and take an important step in your digital transformation journey by switching to WooCommerce. Contact us for a smooth and effective transition process for your business.

Migrating to Shopify: Easy Migration from Various Platforms

Shopify is a popular choice in the e-commerce world for its user-friendly interface and wide scalability options. Migrating from various e-commerce platforms such as Ticimax, T-Soft, IdeaSoft, Ikas, OpenCart and PrestaShop to Shopify simplifies management processes while increasing the marketing and sales capabilities of businesses.

Migrate to Shopify from Various Platforms: Migration to Shopify is possible from many platforms such as Ticimax, T-Soft, IdeaSoft, Ikas, OpenCart and PrestaShop. With customized migration plans for each platform, we offer solutions for the specific needs of your business. We aim to support you on your digital transformation journey with Shopify.

Maximize the e-commerce potential of your business by migrating to Shopify. Contact us for detailed information and transition process and take your business to a new success.

About our Infrastructure Migration Services Frequently Asked Questions

Before proceeding with the payment process, we return to you via the form you created for us and send you our order form where you will pay the service fee, we start your transactions after payment and finish the transportation process within 1 to 4 business days depending on the size of the project.

The duration of the infrastructure migration process can vary depending on the amount of data available, the complexity of the integrations and the platform to be migrated to. On average, it can take from a few weeks to several months. Please contact us for special cases and detailed timeline.

The security of your data is one of our top priorities. All data transfer operations are done over encrypted channels and can only be accessed by authorized personnel. In addition, regular backups are taken throughout the process to minimize the risk of any data loss.

Yes, changing platforms can temporarily affect your SEO performance. However, you can minimize this impact by using appropriate SEO migration strategies and 301 redirects. Also, SEO-friendly configurations of the new platform will help improve your performance in the long run.

Whether your existing integrations will work on the new platform depends on the compatibility of the APIs and integration tools used. Before the migration process, we conduct a detailed analysis of all your integrations and, if necessary, offer alternative solutions suitable for the new platform.

The cost of platform migration depends on the scope of the project, the volume of data and the number of integrations required. For a precise cost estimate, we first need to review the details of your project. You can contact us for a free preliminary assessment.

Yes, we continue to support you after the completion of the transition to the platform. This support includes technical issues, system updates and user training. You can also benefit from our consultancy services as long as you need.

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