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How to Buy Garanti Virtual Pos? How to Integrate? 2020

How to Buy Garanti Virtual Pos? How to Integrate? 2020

E-Commerce continues to develop in our country and around the world. With this developing situation, Virtual Pos systems are also developing and banks are taking care to improve and develop virtual pos services. One of these examples is the subject of our article


Garanti Bank (Garanti Virtual Pos) Virtual Pos Service. 

The questions we will answer under this heading:

  • 1-'What is Garanti Virtual Pos?'
  • 1.1- What are the Application Evaluation Criteria?
  • 2-'How to Make Garanti Bank Virtual Pos Integration with WooGaranti?'

What is Garanti Virtual Pos Service?

Garanti Virtual POS software has been enabling online credit card payments for stores selling online since 1998.

Garanti Virtual POS is a POS service that enables businesses to collect from credit cards. After a customer shopping on your site enters his/her credit card information in the designated form field of the site, this information reaches the bank securely over the Internet and the collection is made.

Garanti Virtual Pos ensures that the collection is received securely, that is, it works in accordance with SSL encryption, which is used to prevent the information transferred over the Internet from falling into the hands of third parties. The bank (Garanti BBVA) ensures that the shopping amounts of the previously collected transactions made by the people shopping on the site are deducted from the credit card limits and transferred to the bank account of the member merchant.

What are the Advantages of Garanti Virtual Pos Service?

  • You can sell with Visa, Mastercard, American Express Card and Diners Club cards.
  • You offer your customers the opportunity to pay in installments for purchases made with Bonus, Flexi, Miles&Smiles credit cards and American Express Card.
  • With Garanti Virtual Pos, which works compatible with SSL encryption, you can make your transactions easily and securely.
  • With Garanti Virtual Pos, you can easily track your sales and save time with an effective, fast and detailed reporting interface.

What are the Application Evaluation Criteria?


The criteria set by Garanti Bank are as follows:

In Garanti Virtual POS applications to Garanti Bank, your internet store is evaluated based on the following criteria and the applications of companies that do not meet these criteria are not accepted.

  • Your e-Commerce site should have a product catalog and shopping cart.
  • All links should work on your e-Commerce site, that is, it should not give 404 errors.
  • Your company must have authorization for the logos and brands on your site.
  • Your e-Commerce site should include content on consumer rights (return, cancellation and warranty conditions).
  • Information on delivery should be included.
  • Your e-Commerce site should have a "privacy commitment and security policy"
  • The products you sell on your e-Commerce site must comply with Turkish law (For example; the sale of all products that are prohibited in the physical world such as pornography, gambling, drugs and firearms are subject to special provisions according to Turkish Law).
  • The full descriptions of the products on your e-Commerce site should be clear and complete (For example, a person who buys a 120-volt product from Europe will object when they receive the product). Does the business name, address, telephone and fax number and e-mail address(es) appear on the website?
  • Will the company sell on more than one e-Commerce site with the same Garanti BBVA Virtual POS?
  • If you are going to sell in foreign currency on your e-Commerce site, the exchange rate should be visible on your site.
  • If payment is to be received on the page of your e-Commerce site, there must be an SSL certificate. (It is not mandatory for businesses that will use the Secure Common Payment Page to obtain an SSL Certificate)
  • Your e-Commerce site must include a Distance Sales Agreement (applicable for sites selling products that require delivery) or a Service Agreement (applicable for sites providing services).

Garanti Virtual Pos Integration with WooGaranti


You want to set up an e-commerce site? You have found the product/service to be sold. Hosting, domain name, design and infrastructure to be used (wooCommerceYou have agreed with a company to receive payment at the sales stage(Garanti BBVA) but if you are having a hard time deciding on integration and plugin features wooGarantee may be the plugin you are looking for. For 1 month GourmetWoo You can get help from our support team, which is active 24/7 for the plugin with the support requests you will open over the plugin. Updates unlimited you can benefit for a while. In addition to these, we are also with you during the installation phase. The first integration and plugin settings will be made by our team for free.


  • Can receive payments with Virtual POS.
  • Improves your customer experience through a test environment.



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