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How to Create a WordPress Blog Site?

How to Create a WordPress Blog Site?

In general, one of the most common questions I encounter is "Can I make money by setting up a WordPress blog site?".

My answer is always: "Yes you can"

Based on this question, in this article, I will answer the question "How to Set Up a WordPress Blog Site?" Because in order to make money from blog-style sites, you need a really solid and organized site with a really solid infrastructure.

WordPress altyapısı dünyadaki domainlerin %49’nda kullanılıyor durumda. Bu sonuçta bize gösteriyor ki WordPress sürekli gelişen ve kullanıcı sayısı en üst düzeyde olan bir yapı. Ayrıca blog sitesi açmak isteyen bir kişi veya kurum için ilk seçenek diyebiliriz.

How to Start a Blog Site with WordPress Infrastructure?

Step 1 Hosting Selection

As a first step, your website needs to be hosted somewhere. There are many hosting companies in our country. Of course, you can also host your website on a cloud server if you want.

10 Hosting Companies where you can get hosting service

If you are going to use WordPress infrastructure, I especially recommend you to get WordPress hosting service unlike normal hosting. Speed, uptime and customer support are especially important for a blog site.

To see the article I wrote about the comparison of the hosting companies I listed above Click here!

Step 2: Find a Topic for Your Blog Site

The 2nd and one of the most important steps, determining the blog topic, will create the identity of your site. I have compiled the 5 most read blog topics especially in Turkey for you.

Top 5 Most Read Blog Topics in 2021

1. Reviews

Most consumers want to have information before purchasing a product or service. This is why they usually do their research on the internet. Especially reviews of trending products are the blog content that gets the most hits on the sites.

2. How-To Articles

If you are knowledgeable in a particular topic or field, your readers will want to benefit from your experience and knowledge.

3. Beginner Guides

In fact, beginner's guides are very similar to how-to articles. But the key difference is that your readers have never learned anything about the topic before.

4. Food Recipes

You knew this item was definitely coming. We live in a climate with a very wide food culture. If you are knowledgeable about the subject and have your own recipes, the recipe blog is definitely for you.

5. News

Don't be intimidated by the title "News". Of course, it can be difficult to follow and publish national news. But you can share important news for your province or district.

Step 3: Choose a Domain Name for Your Blog

You've purchased hosting, chosen your topic and are eagerly waiting to publish your content. But how will readers recognize you? Who are you in short? At this step, we have to choose a domain name for ourselves. This stage is completely up to your creative thinking. For example, "" is the most important part of who we are.

Step 4: Choose Your Theme!

One of my favorite features of WordPress is themes. You are not tied to 1 or 2 themes. You have the chance to choose from millions of blog themes. You can even make your own theme if you don't like any of them.

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In general, when choosing a theme The prices may seem a bit expensive because they are based on the dollar exchange rate, but you will make this payment once.

Step 5: Install Your WordPress Theme

From the Themes section, click on Themes.


Then click on the "Add New" button.

Customize Your Website, Grow Your Business

Then click on the "Install Theme" button.

Customize Your Website, Grow Your Business

Install the zip you purchased and downloaded from Themeforest here!

Customize Your Website, Grow Your Business

Congratulations, you now have a blog site on a WordPress infrastructure. The remaining part for you will be to show your creativity. You can edit the site as you wish and make adjustments.

If you need technical support, contact us now Get in touch!

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