Top 3 Virtual POS Services of 2020

Top 3 Virtual POS Services of 2020

Selling products online also means collecting payments through virtual channels. WooCommerce if you're using it, you're probably online payment or by another name virtual pos service you may need to use. You just need to figure out which one works best for you and your customers. So you can bring your store to its full potential.




If you still don't have an e-Commerce site, WooCommerce How to get started with E-Commerce?"   you can read our article.

In this article, online payment and virtual pos service what it is and e-commerce we'll talk about how to choose the right one for your store. Then, we'll take a look at 3 WooCommerce virtual pos service and compare them for you.


What is Online Payment and Virtual Pos?


What is Online Payment?

It refers to money exchanged electronically. Typically, this involves the use of computer networks, the internet and digital stored value systems. When you collect a payment over the internet, you are accepting an online payment. Online payment is the transaction that usually results in the transfer of monetary funds from the client bank or credit card account to your bank account. Online paymentcan be made from a credit card, checking account or another clearinghouse such as paypal.

What is Virtual Pos?

The services of POS (point of sale) devices, which we often hear the name of and use when paying with credit cards in store shopping, used over the internet or online POS-VPOS (virtual point of sale) or virtual pos It is called.

Virtual POS's operation is based on the fact that just as the payment process takes place in the store when you swipe your credit card on the device, the information entered on the internet is based on the transfer of the money, which is the price of the product and service purchased from the buyer's account in the bank and credit institution, to the seller's bank account.

How to Use Virtual Pos and Virtual Pos Service?


How to Use Virtual Pos?

Used in store purchases POS (point of sale) devices create a payment point for your shopping. And the act of these devices creating a payment point on virtual shopping sites is called VPOS. Virtual POS (virtual point of sale) services. Providing ease of shopping between producers and consumers in an online or virtual environment virtual pos service128 bit SSL certificate is protected.

Virtual POS The way it works is very straightforward and easy. In real stores, instead of handing over your card, you are asked to enter the information on your card in the required field. Of course, this information has both financial and moral importance for you. However, considering this situation, your information is protected with the 3D Security system. When you complete the transaction, the fee is automatically debited from your account. Thus, the virtual pos service serves the same function as normal pos devices.

So where and how will we get the virtual pos service, or integrate it into our e-commerce infrastructure or site?

How to Use Virtual Pos Service?

Virtual POS system In order to be able to use it, a company must first be in active existence. If company status has not been achieved virtual pos service cannot be rented or used. It should also be noted that the company's website must have an SSL certificate. If these steps have been successfully passed, almost all banks will pay a certain commission. virtual pos service provides. And of course, after the mandatory security measures are provided, the virtual pos service is purchased from the bank or banks with which an agreement is made and the service is started to be used.

Top 3 Virtual Pos Services in Turkey

Before I start with the lines you are eagerly waiting to read, I would like to tell you how we compare the companies. First of all, as you read in the title that we will compare, 3 virtual pos service companies. These are;  iyzico, iPara  and payTr   is. First of all, this 3 virtual pos systemWe will compare the number of customers, customer satisfaction, awareness and commission fees.


iPara-what is it

First, let's talk about the advantages of iPara. iPara has Virtual POS of 8 banks and has very favorable installment and commission rates. In addition, with POS installation in 1 day, you can start using it in your infrastructure or e-commerce site without waiting.

And one of the most distinctive features is that your customers can make payments with foreign cards. Even if you have not used such a system before, you can easily integrate with iPara's developer guide.


what is paytr

PayTR Virtual POS service is a virtual pos service that allows websites to receive seamless and secure online payments from their websites in the fastest and fully integrated way for websites where sales are made. There is also no dues fee in PayTr.

So what are the advantages of PayTr?

  • There are no dues and no extra fees. The commission rate is %3.14.
  • It offers fast installation and ready modules.
  • Payment security is ensured and measures are taken against fraud.
  • Merchants benefit from the advantage of receiving payment "Next Business Day".
  • You can customize the checkout page design according to your site.
  • Payment pages being mobile compatible is a plus option for your customers.


iyzico-what is it

Let's talk about one of the heavyweights of the market. First of all, I want to say for those who can't hear PayU and Iyzico joined forces. PayU As you may know, it is one of the companies that should be on this list in terms of customer satisfaction. iyzico and I thought it would be right to include it under a single heading.



Before going into detail, we have developed wooCommerce iyzico Payment Plugin I suggest you look into it.

Iyzico Virtual POS service offers an advanced payment infrastructure for e-commerce sites. There are two ways to start receiving payments with iyzico Virtual POS, which allows you to make installments to all cards with a single agreement. These ways are API integration and using a ready payment form. With both methods, you can instantly start using features such as installment sales and card storage.

You can also accept foreign currencies other than TL and sell in different currencies. In addition, iyzico Virtual POS allows you to receive payments in different currencies from abroad with alternative payment methods.

Since Iyizico is fully integrated into most systems and infrastructures, it is a virtual POS to successfully complete a long and challenging process. However, iyzico, which offers the opportunity to receive payments in 48 hours with simple installation and integration, aims to offer a wide range of options to customers thanks to its agreements with all major banks.


In my article, I introduced the terms, the use of the terms mentioned and the companies with the highest customer and satisfaction rate in 2020. Of course, you can clearly make your decision by examining the advantages of virtual pos services, which we briefly mentioned here, by examining the relevant company pages.

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