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Which Virtual POS Is Best For E-Commerce? 2021

Which Virtual POS Is Best For E-Commerce? 2021

Especially covid-19 Increasing digitalization has greatly affected medium and small-scale businesses. With this situation, interest in the field of E-Commerce has increased greatly on both the seller and the buyer side. In this article, I have listed the most suitable virtual poses and commission rates for you in 2021. If you are going to open a new E-Commerce site or if you are currently using a virtual pos but do not know the commission rates, keep reading!

If you are curious about the top 3 virtual poses of 2020, you can click on the link below.


What is Virtual Pos in Brief?

The services of POS (point of sale) devices, which we often hear the name of and use when paying with credit cards in store shopping, used over the internet or online POS-VPOS (virtual point of sale) or virtual pos It is called.

Virtual POS's operation is based on the fact that just as the payment process takes place in the store when you swipe your credit card on the device, the information entered on the internet is based on the transfer of the money, which is the price of the product and service purchased from the buyer's account in the bank and credit institution, to the seller's bank account.

Virtual POS commission rates vary according to your monthly sales. For average sales of 20.000TL and above, you can get customized commission rate offers by contacting Virtual POS provider companies or banks.

iyzico Virtual POS and Commission Rates


Commission rate: %2,79
Commission per transaction: 0.25TL 

Iyzico is one of the largest virtual pos issuers. The ability to withdraw the payments you earn from sales the next day and no monthly or initial fee is a very important advantage for medium and especially small businesses. If you often shop from E-Commerce sites, you have used iyzico virtual pos in many places.

In addition, another important advantage for businesses is that if you have a monthly sales volume of over 20.000TL, you can request a meeting for special commission rates. If you frequently receive payments from abroad, you can receive payments in Euro, Dollar, Sterling and Ruble currencies with iyzico. There is a card storage feature as an additional feature

Shopier Virtual POS and Commission Rates


Domestic commission rate: %2,99
Commission rate per domestic transaction: 0.49TL

Foreign commission rate: %3,99
Commission rate per international transaction: 0.49TL

Shopier has a different structure compared to other virtual poses. Although there is an API system for receiving payments, Shopier wants you to track orders through its own panel. If you do not have a tax plate or if you are selling on social media, I can say that it is for you. The biggest advantage is that you can open your own store page in shopier. It is one of the most preferred systems that offers sales in installments.

PayTR Virtual POS and Commission Rates

what is paytr

Domestic commission rate: %1.50 - %3.90

I cannot give a clear rate because PayTR gives a personalized virtual pos commission rate. After the application, they contact you and offer a special commission rate. The reason for this is your transaction volume and the category of the product sold. Thanks to the possibility of payment by foreign currency, it allows you to receive payments abroad. You can make an additional application by filling out the form to receive overseas payments.

iPara Virtual Pos and Commission Rates

ipara-what is it

Commission rate: %2.30

iPara virtual pos rates vary according to the maturity day. The commission rate varies with 3, 7, 12, 20 Business Day maturity options. At the same time, your transaction volume greatly affects your commission rate.

Payizone Virtual Pos and Commission Rates

Customize Your Website, Grow Your Business

Commission rate: %3,2
Commission per transaction: 

Payizone, like Shopier, allows you to open a store in itself and offers you an API system if you are going to use this virtual pos on your own site. If you are selling from social media, you can receive payment with a single link and withdraw your money the next day.

It has huge advantages wePOS You can find information about the project here.

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