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iyzico wooCommerce start guide

iyzico wooCommerce start guide

What is iyzico?

iyzico It is a BRSA-authorized fintech startup operating in Turkey. It creates tools and technology to mediate online payment transactions and creates solutions that connect banks, buyers, sellers and other stakeholders. The solution we use the most is probably (iyzipos) credit card collection and marketplace solution. For other solutions, support can be obtained from their own pages and contact lines.

iyzico's advantages over other payment solutions;

  1. Startup friendly.
  2. There are no initial start-up fees. There is a fee per transaction.
  3. Their support is successful.
  4. Software and system infrastructures are stable.

iyzico wooCommerce start guide

iyzico has recently signed an agreement with a global company PayU by that it was bought I might add.

iyzico provides an API environment for its solutions and enables its solutions to be used on all platforms. For the APIs they develop Documentation pages and github There are many examples in the repos. Php, Java, C#, C#, Ruby, Nodejs, Python libraries for APIs are available in repositories openly accessible to everyone.

You can review the plugins (wooCommerce, Opencart, Magento etc.) they have developed for the use of the APIs they offer on ready-made platforms from iyzicon's pages. Apart from the offical plugins, there are of course plugins made by other companies or individuals where advanced features are added.

iyzico wooCommerce start guide

iyzico Integration

We know what iyzico does, we know what iyzico does, but if you say how we use it, let's take you here.

After completing your legal application to iyzico, you are asked to create a test environment information and fulfill some requirements according to your business model. For example, SSL, distance sales contract etc.

With the test environment information, you can integrate with your own system with the help of APIs or you can integrate using ready-made plugins. The integration process may vary according to your e-commerce business model. For test environment https://sandbox-api.iyzipay.com  You can create a test user from the address and get API information from the company settings in the test API you created from here. https://dev.iyzipay.com/tr/test-kartlari You can do your experiments using the test cards available at

POS Integrator

If you are going to use iyzico with wooCommerce, the most popular e-commerce plugin of WordPress, you can use iyzico's own basic plugin or you can use the advanced features developed by GurmeWoo. POS Integrator plugin, you can speed up your e-commerce and increase your profitability.

Subscription payment, card storage, category-based installment blocking, transaction-based currency exchange and many more advanced features POS Integrator PRO You can review our plugin.

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