What is WooCommerce?

What is WooCommerce?

what is woocommerce

As e-commerce continues to increase its weight and volume every day, selling online is becoming increasingly important and attractive for all businesses, large and small. While large-scale companies usually create their own e-commerce sites, this can be challenging for small and medium-sized businesses in many ways. E-commerce sites, which require a separate team, a separate space, time and cost, are almost unattainable for many companies for these reasons. However, as technology develops, it is getting easier and easier to have an e-commerce site. You can browse the rest of the content to learn the details about WooCommerce, one of the plugins that will help you the most in this regard.

What is WooCommerce that Offers Unparalleled E-Commerce Convenience?

WordPress, which first emerged as a system for anyone to start a blog, has evolved over time, making it much easier to set up many different types of sites and continues to make it easier with updates. WooThemes, one of the theme providers of WordPress, also launched the WooCommerce plugin in 2011 for those who want to build an e-commerce site at low costs, in a short time and in the simplest way possible. As a result, the great interest WooCommerce has received has made it a completely separate entity and community, creating an ecosystem of its own. The reasons why a plugin has gained so much attention in such a short period of time are the unique advantages it offers to users.

What are the Advantages of WooCommerce that Gives E-Commerce a Different Dimension?

The advantages of WooCommerce can be examined from different angles. Woocomerce, which has direct or indirect effects on factors such as cost, time and effort, which have a very important place in the profit-making process of a business, greatly relieves your business at many points. Here are the advantages that Woocommerce offers to its users:

  • The biggest advantage of WooCommerce, which can also be defined as its purpose, is the convenience it offers to its users. This plugin, which allows you to have a very comprehensive structure like an e-commerce site without any code knowledge, brings many practical steps in terms of both installation and management.
  • Compared to the cost of building and maintaining an e-commerce site from scratch, it allows you to create and maintain a site that can enable you to sell online for very low amounts. On the other hand, you do not need a separate area and a separate group of employees for your e-commerce site.
  • WooCommerce provides you with ready-made themes, templates and plugins, helping you save time along with knowledge, experience and cost. The time it takes to build an e-commerce site is dramatically reduced with Woocommerce.
  • WooCommerce consists of a fully developable structure. This structure means new plugins and new features for your e-commerce site as technology develops. This e-commerce platform, where every innovation can be adapted immediately, allows you to quickly keep up with technological trends.
  • There are over 7 million WooCommerce users worldwide. This means a very rich infrastructure and diversity that can appeal to different expectations. In the WooCommerce ecosystem, there are thousands of plugins that can appeal to different expectations. Thus, you can make your e-commerce site much more stable, modern and user-friendly.
  • Google bots always index WordPress sites much faster and in a much shorter time. Getting your site noticed by Google bots means that you have a chance to get ahead in terms of SEO and rank high in Google searches.
  • Steps that can be quite challenging, such as payment integration, become much more effortless with WooCommerce's plugin types that facilitate infrastructure integration. Moreover, you can easily do all this with high security measures.

As you can see, the advantages of WooCommerce turn it into a separate ecosystem used by millions of people. To take part in this ecosystem and have an e-commerce site at low costs From WooCommerce experts you can get support.

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