How to Process WordPress E-commerce Payments?

How to Make Wordpress E-commerce Payment Transactions?

Payment Processing with WordPress E-Commerce

Although WordPress started its journey as a blogging site, today, thanks to its open-source, open-to-development structure, it appears in every field, including e-commerce. Whether it is a blog or news, corporate or e-commerce, WordPress has special plugins for all kinds of websites, regardless of their purpose. This offers very attractive advantages in terms of cost, time and effort, especially for those who want to enter the e-commerce sector, who are new to this sector or who want to grow their business further. Payment processing plugins, one of dozens of different advantages, are taken to a different dimension thanks to the innovative and effective structure of WordPress. Here are the WordPress e-commerce payment methods that you can easily benefit from with professional support and plugins...

How to Make Wordpress E-commerce Payment Transactions?

WordPress E-commerce Payment Collection Methods

WordPress’in e-ticaret kolu olarak adlandırılabilecek Woocommerce, isminden de anlaşılabileceği üzere WordPress’i ve e-ticareti bir araya getiren bir oluşum. WordPress ile oldukça uyumlu şekilde çalışan bir e-ticaret eklentisi geliştiren ekip, aynı zamanda bu alandaki en bilinen oluşumu da meydana getiriyorlar. Öyle ki dünya genelinde kullanılan e-ticaret platformları arasında WordPress’in %30’lara ulaşarak sektör lideri olmasında büyük payları bulunuyor. Bu kadar gelişmiş olan ve geliştirilmeye devam eden eklenti, site sahiplerine pek çok avantaj sunuyor.

For example, Woocommerce comes integrated with bank transfer, PayPal and cash-on-delivery options. This saves you from the laborious and lengthy process of creating these options for your e-commerce site from scratch, placing them on the site and testing their usability. For those who want to pay via virtual POS other than credit card and PayPal, three different payment methods are offered; Woocommerce PayU, Woocomerce Iyzico and Woocommerce Virtual POS Integration.

Woocommerce PayU Plugin

With this plugin, you can receive payments through PayU, a payment system that is widely used all over the world, just like PayPal. This system, which you can integrate into your site thanks to the API Key received from PayU, cannot receive direct payments within your e-commerce site for now, but customers who are automatically redirected to PayU's common payment page can make their payments from here, regardless of which bank they are from. PayU, which has an annual fee, also takes a certain amount of commission for each transaction made through its system.

Woocommerce Iyzico Plugin

Iyzico, which has a fully compatible plugin with Woocommerce, is defined as the local version of PayU. The logic in the plugin of Iyzico, which started as an independent project and then joined PayU, works in the same way as PayU. Unlike the others, in Iyzico, which can be used especially to receive payments from the local customer base, you get an API Key as in PayU and with this API Key, you can place the Iyzico payment option on your website. Among the other details that these two systems are similar to each other is that Iyzico also supports all banks. Advanced features iyziPos+ You can review our plugin and start using it immediately.

How to Make Wordpress E-commerce Payment Transactions?

Woocommerce Virtual POS Integration

Those who want to use only a few banks' virtual POS with Woocommerce can request special virtual POS integration. One of the main reasons for this situation is that the commission rates demanded by banks for private virtual POS are lower than PayU and Iyzico. However, it is difficult to say that the financial institutions in our country provide a fully professional and supportive service regarding the special virtual POS request. For this reason, in the long run, especially the lack of any update support can create problems.

If you want to take full advantage of the benefits of WordPress in e-commerce and create a seamless user-business experience, you can get support from people and organizations specialized in Woocommerce. Thus, you can step into the e-commerce sector in a much more professional way or develop your business in a much healthier way.

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