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Dokan Iyzico Integration - Guide to Receiving Payments from your Dokan Infrastructure Marketplace (2022)

Dokan Iyzico Integration - Guide to Receiving Payments from your Dokan Infrastructure Marketplace (2022)

For Dokan Iyzico Integration;  Dokan you have a marketplace with infrastructure and Iyzico In this article, we will talk about getting paid for your Dokan infrastructure marketplace site.

Before we begin, what is Dokan?

Dokanis a preemium WooCommerce multi-commerce plugin for general use, accessible on, as well as in a top-tier form. By the numbers, it's 4.5 stars, dynamic in over 25,000 WordPress destinations, making it one of the most famous arrangements. You get access to a rich front panel that enables easy management of product inventory including Customers and Sellers, sales, orders, discounts, coupons, and more.

How is it Different from Getting Paid with a Standard E-Commerce Site?

If you have a standard e-commerce site where you're the only one selling, the fees you earn from sales are only passed on to you. However, if you have a if you are a marketplace owner, There will be multiple sellers on your site and you will only need to take a commission from the fees earned from sales and transfer the rest of the fees to your seller. You need to enter special commissions for your sellers, adjust shipping fee settings and configure money transfers. However, although all this sounds difficult, you will see that it is quite easy in the rest of our article.

How Can You Get Paid from Iyzico for Your Dokan Infrastructure Marketplace? What to do for Dokan Iyzico Integration?

First of all Your agreement with Iyzico and you need to open Marketplace APIs in order to receive smooth payments from your Marketplace. Thus, you can instantly manage cash flow with your sub-sellers and automatically perform progress payment and commission calculations. So how can you make all these adjustments via WordPress & Dokan? Here as a solution for you Iyzibazaar Marketplace Integration Plugin  With Dokan, you can configure your Iyzico connection and all your settings in a very short time with Iyzibazaar.

Dokan Iyzico Integration What You Can Do with Iyzibazaar;

You have activated the Iyzibazaar plugin on your marketplace, first you need to start by entering your API information you received from the Iyzico panel into the plugin, After completing this process, you are now ready to receive payments! The only thing left to do is to apply the rules you have set for your marketplace.

Dokan Iyzico Integration - Guide to Receiving Payments from your Dokan Infrastructure Marketplace (2022)

Marketplace Specific Payment Settings

  • You can use the card storage method
  • You can set commissions for shipping charges on orders
  • You can manage installment options
  • You can enter a separate commission amount for each seller
  • You can set separate money transfer terms for each merchant

And with many more options, you can customize your Dokan infrastructure marketplace. If you wish, we have prepared guide video you can take a look.

We have collected what needs to be done in this article about how to make Iyzıco Integration with your Dokan infrastructure marketplace, and what you need to do after this stage in your marketplace where you use Dokan is Cargo, Product return fictions you may have a configuration. We can help you with all the needs of your marketplace. Do not hesitate to contact us.

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