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Who Can Buy Virtual Pos?

Who Can Buy Virtual Pos?

Online payment is the practical realization of the money transfer between the person visiting your website and your company on the internet. Online payment systems are used at this stage. Online payment is made by customers using their credit cards or debit cards, which are defined on your page. virtual pos through the agency.

Virtual POS are systems that enable the pos device that exists in physical stores to be adapted to virtual stores for e-commerce and used over the internet without any contact. In order to receive payments from your e-commerce page, you can apply to banks for virtual poses or you can also choose alternative payment systems. The application steps for both options are similar.

What Should Be Considered in Virtual Pos Application?

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There are various stages and procedures for payment systems. The criteria for online payment systems and banks to evaluate your application can be listed as follows:

Your Web Page Should Be Ready

Virtual POS Your web page must be ready and active in order to get it. Also, the payment steps on the site must be working.

Must have SSL Secure Certificate

SSL is a kind of encryption method developed to protect the data transmitted during shopping. The card information entered by the users is encrypted with the coding method and reaches the web server at the other end. There are various keys that enable encryption between the browser you will use and the web server of the page you are connected to. SSL keys are globally secure and their contents are specified on the basis of SSL protocols.

Shopping through e-commerce companies without SSL certificates is not considered safe due to the possibility of user data disclosure. Therefore, sites must have SSL certificates for payment systems and bank virtual pos applications.

Website Must Be Complete

In order to get virtual pos, the following information must be included on your website:

  • Your current and correct contact information should be included on the page.
  • Prices and details of the services and products on sale should be specified.
  • If the company will sell in foreign currency, it should show the sales rate on its website. If you will sell in foreign currency; for multi-currency sales plugin CLICK HERE!
  • The e-mail address and customer service number must be clearly indicated.
  • The trade name of the company, the company's place of residence and address must be specified.
  • Import restrictions, if any, should be written.
  • Information such as privacy policy, general terms and conditions, service agreement, cancellation-refund policies, security policies, privacy policy should be on the site.
  • If there are documents and licenses that must be issued by the relevant authorities depending on the field of activity of the products on sale, these should be on the page.
  • The payment field must have a credit card payment option.
  • The site should have a shopping cart and product catalog.
  • All links should work without any problems.
  • Mastercard and Visa or the logo of the relevant bank depending on the bank applied for.
  • Legally prohibited products should not be listed on the site.

3D Secure Important

Although the 3D Secure platform is not mandatory for online payment systems and virtual poses, it is a positive situation for both the consumer and the bank regarding the security of your page. This system, developed by Visa and Mastercard, supports internet shopping to be more secure.

What are the Conditions for Getting Virtual Pos?

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The conditions required to obtain virtual pos include the following:

First, you must apply to the bank or organization to integrate the online payment system or virtual pos into your page. The person making this application must be the owner of the site.

If you are applying for virtual pos, you need to open an account with the relevant bank. This process differs depending on some reasons such as the institutionalization of the company and the type of company. Documents required for a bank account:

  • If your company is a commercial partnership, a copy of the company's trade registry
  • If your company is a sole proprietorship, the partnership agreement
  • Bank account receipt belonging to the company
  • Identity photocopies of company partners

Finally, another requirement for virtual pos is the signing of the merchant agreement of the bank where you have opened an account.

How Many Days Does a Virtual Pos Application Take?

Who Can Buy Virtual Pos?

This process varies according to the history of the firm and the bank. At this stage, the reliability of the company is also investigated. If the application is positive, the virtual POS is installed on the company web page. In order for the process to take a long time and the result not to be negative, the above-mentioned conditions must be strictly observed. The application made in a sloppy and incomplete manner results in a longer time than normal. There may also be a negative answer.

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Who Can Buy Virtual Pos?
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