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WordPress Payment Plugins

Wordpress Payment Plugins

WordPress payment pluginsoffers great convenience in online trading. Despite their similar structure, we can say that not all payment plugins are designed equally. Each one has its own unique features. If you are doing e-commerce; it is important to have information about payment plugins.

What are WordPress Payment Plugins?

An extension of payment gateways are WordPress payment plugins. These plugins help you accept digital payments through your website. Your customers can easily make payments and purchase products/services through your website. In this way, you also get paid.

These plugins are absolutely necessary for users who want to accept payments for products/services directly through the website. Even if your page is not based on selling something, you may have different reasons to charge users. For example, you may need to charge for subscription fees.

Because of all this, most websites need payment gateways. The easiest way to achieve this is by using WordPress payment plugins.

Are WordPress Payment Plugins Necessary?

Wordpress Payment Plugins

Instead of using payment plugins, you can create a custom gateway. You can achieve this primarily with a custom code structure. If you don't need such methods or want to set up an easier and more convenient payment gateway, all you need to do is install a payment plugin on your page.

WordPress payment plugins can be installed and started using within minutes. It offers many advantages and practicality to users and website owners. There are various plugins that you can easily receive payments and save time and energy. You can also browse the product options on our page for payment plugins that are safe, practical and address your needs.

Which Payment Methods Do WordPress Payment Plugins Accept?

The answer to this question is all of them. Many payment plugins are based on an existing payment service. The most common ones are Stripe, PayPal and Square. Each of these has different advantages and disadvantages. For example, Stripe is very popular because of its practicality and limited restrictions. But all payment techniques help you accept various types of payments.

What Are the Best WordPress Payment Plugins?

WordPress payment plugins can be listed as follows:

1. Stripe Payments

Wordpress Payment Plugins

It is a very easy payment method. Stripe Payments incorporates a simple stripe-based payment system on your webpage. It adds a special field to make it easy for customers to pay by credit card on your webpage. It allows one-click payments and offers remember me options. It is a free option. However, it is insufficient for large-scale stores.

2. WPForms

Wordpress Payment Plugins

In addition to being one of the best survey plugins, WPForms also offers basic payment solutions. The plugin, which allows you to perform many daily transactions, can also address your needs in terms of payment. But we remind you that it meets the basic requirements.

To take payments using WPForms POS Integrator Business'in order to use it.

3. WP Simple Pay Pro

Wordpress Payment Plugins

WordPress is another one of the payment plugins. It is one of the most preferred payment plugins because it is simple. With this payment plugin, you don't even need to set up a shopping cart. Payments can be processed directly from a web page. It helps customers complete basic transactions with a single click. It also supports adding features such as donation buttons.

4. WooCommerce

Wordpress Payment Plugins

It is a great option for those with more serious needs. It works in coordination with various plugins. We can easily say that it is a complete online payment solution. It allows you to create all kinds of payment systems. In addition to the payment gateway feature, it makes it possible to design online stores complete with digital inventory.

To start taking payments with WooCommerce POS Integrator you can use it.

5. MemberPress

Wordpress Payment Plugins

It is one of the most unique payment plugins you can find in the digital market. It is essentially a membership plugin. It allows you to practically invite customers to a membership service that you create. It also allows you to accept payments related to memberships.

6. Easy Digital Downloads

Wordpress Payment Plugins

Easy Digital Downloads, included in the list of WordPress payment plugins, is a useful item and can fulfill your needs. Therefore, you can think of this plugin as a simpler version of WooCommerce. It allows you to get an extremely large online store with different qualities. It is very good in terms of functionality and accessibility.

7. WP Fluent Forms

Wordpress Payment Plugins

This plugin offers a form creation feature. It also helps you receive payments in a similar way to more traditional payment plugins. It differs from other plugins in the scope of its core functionality. With WP Fluent Forms, you can create almost any kind of online form. You can also create payment forms. Essentially, this plugin helps you get some of the best payment forms.

8. Mollie Payments

Wordpress Payment Plugins

With this plugin, you can add your preferred payment methods as you wish. However, you can get a good checkout page by using professional-looking templates. It provides detailed analysis and advanced security features for your payment options.

9. Braintree

Wordpress Payment Plugins

With Braintree, it's not about how you accept payments, it's about how you pay. It allows you to accept payments from almost any payment source. This is one aspect that sets it apart from other plugins. The plugin does not charge you any setup fee. Instead, it takes a percentage of payment transactions.

10. Paykun

Wordpress Payment Plugins

It is one of the popular WordPress payment plugins. It functions as an extension of WooCommerce. Therefore, you need to have WooCommerce installed on your site to use this plugin. It is considered among the most accessible and comprehensive payment plugins. It has possibilities such as advanced metering and certain refund options. For this reason, it appeals to those with different requirements.

11. Square

Wordpress Payment Plugins

It is another extension of WooCommerce. This item works in harmony with WooCommerce. It is one of the most preferred payment plugins recently. Having a mobile payment option also affects the popularity of this plugin. Ideal for small stores. It helps you get basic payments on a simple-to-use platform for a low fee.

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