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Best Virtual POS Companies

Best Virtual POS Companies

Best virtual pos companiesis often wondered by those who want to receive payments from the e-commerce site and offer a secure payment method to their customers. With the increase in e-commerce in recent years, virtual pos companies have gained a lot of importance for entrepreneurs. As a result, the best virtual pos companies stand out one step forward for those interested in e-commerce business.

If you are aiming to grow your e-commerce business by choosing among the best virtual pos companies; you can browse our list.

What is Virtual POS?

Best Virtual Pos Companies

Before explaining which are the best virtual pos companies, let's talk about what virtual pos is. Virtual poses serve the same function as POS devices used for payment after shopping at any physical store. The only difference is that the transaction is completed completely online.

Virtual POS makes it possible to purchase a product or service 24/7 via cards over the internet. This is another advantage of e-commerce. Thanks to virtual pos, you can receive and make payments online via credit card and debit card.

Reliable and Best Virtual Pos Companies

With the best virtual pos companies, e-commerce site owners offer their customers ease of payment in a secure environment. Likewise, virtual poses are touted as a problem-free, fast and easy way to receive payments. If you want to sell online; reliable virtual POS companies you can choose are listed as follows:

1.Vepara Virtual POS

Best Virtual POS Companies
Customize Your Website, Grow Your Business

Vepara, one of the best and most convenient virtual pos companies, is one of the most advantageous options in the fintech sector with virtual pos commission rates starting from %0. 

Vepara Virtual POS application you can receive attractive offers with the most favorable commission rates according to your preferred payment period and business turnover.

In addition to all these, Vepara offers many payment solutions for businesses, including not only virtual pos, but also receiving payments via link, android physical pos, prepaid card, digital wallet, virtual IBAN, subscription management and bulk money sending. 

You do not need to pay any extra fee or commission at Vepara to receive payments from abroad. You can easily receive online payments from abroad with the virtual POS commission rate you have agreed upon. 
Whether you receive payments via social media links or reach your customers with POS solutions. Veparais waiting for you with the most advantageous features in online payment methods.

2. PayTR

Best Virtual Pos Companies

PayTR, one of the best virtual pos companies, has been providing services for 12 years. It offers next day payment to member businesses. PayTR, which combines all payment channels in a single integration, provides uninterrupted, reliable and fast service with its expert staff. There is no virtual pos fee at PayTR.

It promises a secure environment for its customers with its advanced infrastructure. It prevents possible problems that users may encounter and makes card security possible. By applying from the company's page, you can start receiving online payments in an average of two hours. To get more efficiency from PayTR and automate your processes POS Integrator Payment Plugin our product addresses your needs.

3. ParamPOS

Best Virtual Pos Companies
Best Virtual POS Companies

ParamPOS, which is among the best virtual pos companies, helps you receive payments from all over the world. At the same time, your payment is transferred to your account the next day. Payment transactions are reviewed by the system in very short seconds and the shopping process is completed as a result of the review.

ParamPOS gathers all banks in one place thanks to bank integration. Param Card Business owners are provided with the lowest commission rates in online collection. With an advantageous commission rate starting from %0,99, your collections are credited to your account the next day. This advantageous rate Param Business Card members only.

You can manage your customers' shopping transactions in a practical way through the Param internet branch. It provides a secure infrastructure system for both your company and your customers. For companies using Param virtual POS Param Virtual Pos Plugin product is available.

4. PayBull

Best Virtual Pos Companies

PayBull is another one among virtual POS companies. The brand, which has thousands of SME customers, responds to expectations in the best way with a commission rate of %0.99. Wherever you are in the world, you can get service from PayBull 24/7.

PayBull has no membership fees and no transaction fees. This is also an appreciated feature. It also offers installment sales up to 12 months and favorable commission rates. You do not need to have a web page to receive payments with PayBull. PayBull also provides various opportunities for those who sell through social networks such as Instagram.

5. Iyzico

Best Virtual POS Companies

Our list of the best virtual pos companies continues with Iyzico. Founded in 2013, the brand has been providing artificial intelligence-supported payment methods and virtual POS services since then. Iyzico makes the online payment process easy with its secure and simple platform.

Iyzico, which makes financial services accessible to everyone, has been working with the same professionalism and trust for years. Thanks to the technologies it has designed, it makes online shopping practical for both buyers and sellers. If you are going to use Iyzico infrastructure; Iyzico Payment Plugin our product is the best solution for your business.

6. Moka

Best Virtual POS Companies

Moka virtual POS is approved by all global payment companies. It is among the best choices for those looking for a secure and quality payment method. It is also a subsidiary of İş Bankası A.Ş. In addition to virtual POS service, it also provides easy bill payment. If you prefer Moka for virtual pos; WooMoka Virtual Pos Plugin will meet your needs.

7. iPara

Best Virtual POS Companies

It is the first online payment service provider in Turkey. Entering the market in 2012, the company has provided industry-leading solutions and continues its services without slowing down. With a single integration, it provides e-commerce site owners with the opportunity to receive online payments by card. iPara Virtual Pos Plugin you can get paid safely and quickly.

8. Shopier

Best Virtual POS Companies

Shopier, which acts as a bridge between customers and member companies and is on our list of the best virtual pos companies, is a very popular option. It offers shopping and payment automation over any platform. It helps you sell through marketplace, e-commerce site and social media. Shopier, which has a practical interface, helps you manage your transactions quickly and easily.

If you are using WooCommerce infrastructure; WooCommerce payment plugins collection and get a suitable virtual pos plugin for your website. Also, if you don't have an e-commerce site yet, we offer e-commerce development services it's for you!

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