Entry Guide for E-Commerce Companies - E-Commerce 101

Entry Guide for E-Commerce Companies - E-Commerce 101

What is E-Commerce?

Today, it is the fastest growing and rising trade model that is very popular and developing in the world and in our country. It is a type of trade where products or services are made through online systems.

E-commerce systems are used by the whole world and the country, while physical stores remain open only for certain periods of time and do not have a specific duration. There is no product limit and number.

What is the purpose of e-commerce?

Transferring products and services to the customer quickly and safely, maximizing the customer portfolio, realizing the purchasing and payment processes safely, being in instant communication and interaction with the customer are among the objectives of e-commerce.

What are the Types of E-Commerce?

  • Business to Business (B2B) Electronic Commerce
  • Business to Customer (B2C) Electronic Commerce
  • Electronic Commerce between Company and Public Will
  • Consumer - Electronic Commerce between Public Will

The most widely used E-Commerce model in our country and in the world is Business to Customer Electronic Commerce.

What are the needs of e-commerce sites?

  • Domain selection: You should choose a catchy, easy, readable and functional domain.
  • Server You should get a powerful and reliable server.
  • Choose infrastructure. With woocommerce e-commerce packages, you can design easy, fast, cheap and customizable e-commerce sites.
  • Payment Methods: You should determine a reliable and fast payment method suitable for your e-commerce system.iyzico,Paycell, Garantipay You can use payment methods such as.
  • The most widely used payment method in our country and in the world is Credit Card payment and if you are an e-commerce company selling products, payment at the door is widely used.
  • Design It is very important that the design of your electronic commerce site is user-friendly. Design is the face of your business.
  • Security Certificate: For the safety of your customers, your e-commerce systems must have a security certificate (SSL).

Entry Guide for E-Commerce Companies - E-Commerce 101

How should e-commerce business selection be made?

The requirements for establishing an e-commerce business are no different from a company that will operate in a different field. It can be established as an Individual or Capital (Limited, Joint Stock Company). Each type of company has its own advantages and disadvantages.
Company incorporation costs vary according to the type of company chosen.
Sole Proprietorships
Sole proprietorships are the easiest type of business to set up and the one whose establishment costs and mobility can be changed most quickly. It is established at the lowest cost and does not require a specific amount as start-up capital. Establishment costs are (700-1000 TL) together with chamber registration fees.
If you are newly established and want to move forward with small steps, if you are going to do E-commerce with a small structure that does not work with large stocks and amounts, the most recommended type of company is sole proprietorship. It is a type of business that can be managed more easily in terms of both organization and management.
Capital Companies
Limited Liability Company: It is a type of capital company that can be established by real or legal persons under a trade name by committing a capital of at least TL 10,000.
Joint Stock Company: It is a type of capital company that can be established by real or legal persons under a trade name by committing a capital of at least TL 50,000.

Differences between Capital Companies;

  • While joint stock companies have the opportunity to go public, this is not the case for limited liability companies.
  • In Joint Stock Companies, the shareholder is liable for the amount of capital he/she contributes, whereas in Limited Liability Companies he/she is liable for his/her assets.

Newly established E-Commerce businesses, Start-ups and Enterprises are recommended to establish a Sole Proprietorship if they do not require a very high amount of capital and investment. Type change can be realized according to the investments they will make, product costs and the status of their earnings and initiatives. Please consult your Financial Advisor for more detailed information.

Other Cautions

Distance Sales Contract: It is a contract that must be in e-commerce sites and must be read and approved before the order is completed. It is regulated by the Regulation No. 27886 dated 06.03.2011. The seller is obliged to keep this contract for 3 years.
Personal Data Protection Law (KVKK): It regulates how businesses should use the information they obtain about their users, how they should notify users and how they should dispose of it.
The Law on the Protection of Personal Data is the law that was adopted on 24/03/2016 and entered into force after being published in the Official Gazette on 07/04/2016, which establishes the principles aimed at protecting personal data supervised by the Personal Data Protection Authority and protecting the fundamental rights and obligations of individuals.

In your e-commerce businesses, it may be beneficial to create a Clarification text on the Protection and Processing of Personal Data, which includes information such as how personal data is used, for what purpose it is used and how long it will be stored, and to obtain approval.



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