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How to Get WooCommerce ING Bank Virtual Pos? How to Integrate?

How to Get WooCommerce ING Bank Virtual Pos? How to Integrate?

We live in a constantly developing world and this development affects every field.

In this article, we emphasize that the developing world of E-Commerce is the biggest market offered to us, and we will provide you with the best solutions for your e-commerce site. ING Bank Virtual Pos application and WooCommerce ING Bank Virtual Pos integration.

What is ING Bank Virtual Pos?


ING Bank Virtual POS system; It is a system offered to its customers to make payments by credit card and debit card on E-Commerce sites that offer products or services through online shopping. It is a normal system where classical credit cards are swiped. POS  devices virtual can be thought of and expressed as its version. It is also referred to as Virtual POS.

What are ING Bank POS Advantages?


Like many banks, ING Bank offers general features in Virtual POS, but the bank is very confident in terms of customer service and supports its customers 24/7.

  • ING Bank Virtual POS It makes it possible to use VISA/MASTER/TROY coded cards not only in Turkey but also abroad.
  • Account breakdowns ING Bank Virtual Pos Since customers can reach customers by e-mail, it allows you to make budget plans quickly and accurately.
  • With campaigns specially prepared for member merchants ING Bank Virtual Pos different monthly benefits are offered.
  • There is no charge for POS devices.

What are ING Bank Virtual Pos Types?

  • Cash Register POS: It is a system resulting from the integration of cash register and POS device. It should be noted that its use is mandatory for some workplaces by the Ministry.
  • Fixed POS: POS type with standard commission payment. It is also called Desktop Pos.
  • Mobile POS: It is a type of POS that is integrated with the mobile line.
  • Virtual POS: It is a type of Pos that enables secure shopping online.
  • ADSL POS: It is a type of POS that is integrated with the internet line.

How to Apply for ING Bank POS? 2020

POS via ING Bank If you want to apply for the device, you have to fill in the pre-application form online or at the branches. Customers who fill out the form are then contacted by bank officials.  

If the examinations made on the form are positive, the customers are invited to the bank by the bank officials and they reach an agreement on their contracts. ING Bank virtual POS The service offered to customers goes through the same stages, with differences only in the provision of POS devices and commission rates.

How to Make WooCommerce ING Bank Virtual Pos Integration?

You can turn the WordPress infrastructure you know or are currently using into an E-Commerce site. With WooCommerce, you can realize this process and collect the price of the products or services you sell. WooCommerce ING Bank Virtual Pos Plugin You can get it by using it.

wooINGBank WooCommerce ING Bank Virtual POS Plugin

WooINGBank ING Bank Virtual POS Plugin

wooINGBank ING Bank Virtual POS; Easy, Fast, Integration Solution

Do you dream of an e-commerce website? You have a product/service to sell and you have taken care of the hosting, domain name, design and infrastructure (wooCommerce) solutions to be used. You have already agreed with a bank to receive payment during the sales phase(ING Bank) but you don't have enough knowledge about integration and plugin features or any integration system you have decided on. WooINGBank just right for youYou can get help for the plugin with support requests you will open on GurmeWoo for a period of 1 month. You can benefit from updates for unlimited time. In addition to these, we are also with you during the installation phase. The first integration and plugin settings will be made by our team for free.

Features of wooCommerce ING Bank Virtual POS Plugin

  • You can receive payments easily with Virtual POS.
  • Thanks to the test environment, you can improve the customer experience by experimenting.
  • You can receive order returns without any problems.
  • It has a fully compatible structure with ING Bank Virtual POS APIs.
  • Allows you to use the credit card form on the wooCommerce checkout page without the common checkout page.

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