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What is WooCommerce Ziraat Bank Virtual Pos? How to Make WordPress Integration?

What is WooCommerce Ziraat Bank Virtual Pos? How to Make WordPress Integration?

In this article, we wrote what is WooCommerce Ziraat Bank Virtual Pos and how to make WooCommerce Virtual Pos integration.

First of all, if you are hearing the term Virtual Pos for the first time, it may sound a little confusing. But you will find a little information for you below.

What is Ziraat Bank Virtual Pos?

The safest and fastest e-commerce is at Ziraat's virtual workplaces!

Ziraat Bank

POS, or Virtual POS, which allows businesses that want to make their sales online to receive card payments easily and securely.
  • Secure Payment Page: Businesses using Ziraat Bank Virtual POS can perform transactions in a completely secure environment by receiving card payments through Ziraat Bank Secure Payment Page.
  • 3D Secure: Merchants using Ziraat Bank's virtual POS can benefit from 3D Secure service for secure shopping for both themselves and their customers in online card purchases. 3 In the D Secure payment method, the credit card or debit card of the shopper, the SMS confirmation code sent by the valid bank to the mobile phone, and the special information about the card are taken and the transaction is completed securely with a three-dimensional verification.
  • Collective Collection: Businesses that want to receive card payments at regular intervals can receive their payments periodically and securely by using the bulk collection feature of Ziraat Bank virtual POS...

What are the Advantages of Ziraat Bank Virtual Pos?

  • It is an effective and secure payment method for service or product sales via the Internet.
  • It enables the company to be present in domestic and foreign markets and to sell products or services 24/7.
  • It offers the opportunity to make transactions in TL, USD, EURO, GBP, JAPANESE NEW and RUBLE for purchases made with foreign cards.
  • With the BKM EXPRESS application, you can make uninterrupted shopping at virtual POS member merchants without sharing card information.
  • Ziraat Bank's virtual POS 3-D Secure (3-D Security application, SMS verification) service is offered as standard and is available free of charge.
  • Ziraat Bank customers have the opportunity to work with Turkey's leading Virtual POS software companies.

Ziraat Bank Virtual Pos WooCommerce Plugin

ziraat bank virtual pos
Customize Your Website, Grow Your Business

Service Address :

3D address :

wooZiraatBankasi; wooCommerce Ziraat Bank Virtual POS Plugin

WooZiraatBank Ziraat Bank Virtual Pos Plugin
WooZiraatBank Ziraat Bank Virtual Pos Plugin

We will introduce you the best way to receive payments with Ziraat Bank Virtual POS through WooCommerce. To provide the best service and user experience to your customers wooZiraatBankasi is one of the most effective plugins.

wooAre you ready to get paid with the unique features of ZiraatBank?

Features of wooCommerce Ziraat Bank Virtual POS Plugin

  • Ziraat Bank can receive payments with Virtual POS.
  • The test environment enables your customer experience.
  • Order returns can be done in an easy way.
  • It works fully compatible with Ziraat Bank Virtual POS APIs.
  • You can easily use the credit card form on the wooCommerce checkout page without the common checkout page.

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