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What is a Payment Infrastructure for E-Commerce?

What is a Payment Infrastructure for E-Commerce?

The most important types of payment infrastructure of the fast developing technology age we live in are virtual POS and internet banking. E-commerce sites or, in other words, online stores frequently use these 2 systems to receive payments. In addition, the security of possible customers is ensured by the 3D payment system.

You have set up your e-commerce site, you are ready to sell more than ever, but how will you get paid?

In fact, we will talk about Virtual Pos from the 2 payment systems mentioned above. Because virtual poses are indispensable for E-Commerce sites receive payment method. Also in WordPress infrastructure Woocommerce If you have a store, I think this article is for you!

Virtual Pos for E-Commerce Sites What is it?


Virtual POS, which we often hear the name of, is the payment receiving system used by many E-Commerce sites. Actually, it will be more accurate to examine it more closely. Here you go:

What is Virtual Pos?

Virtual POSrefers to the payment gateway, i.e. the platform that enables payments to be received on the E-commerce site. For example, you went to a florist and chose a beautiful flower for a loved one and paid with a credit card. This is what happens virtually on E-Commerce sites.

If the card is valid and the limit is sufficient, the instant transaction is approved by the bank. This process is completed in a few seconds. The bank deducts the amount of the authorized shopping transaction from the cardholder's credit card limit and transfers it to the merchant's bank account.


It works in accordance with the SSL encryption technique, which ensures the protection of confidentiality and information integrity in the transmission of credit card and shopping information transferred over the internet between the online customer and the store during the payment process.

SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protocol, which is one of the first conditions for getting virtual pos from banks, is the most important part of an E-Commerce site.

For the establishment of virtual pos software, the company opens an account at the bank and signs a merchant agreement with the bank.

If you are wondering how to get virtual pos from banks, the articles I explain separately for each bank for you:

Virtual POS Many banks offer this service and all details and terms and conditions related to the contract are explained on the websites of these banks.

In the case of credit card shopping, online sales sites can provide different campaigns and installment options for different credit cards separately and in very detailed options for each card.

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There is an issue that attracts attention while establishing the payment infrastructure. After the site sends the goods, we carry out the refund work after the customer service returns the goods, which is done before the return is accepted.

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