WooCommerce Shipping Plugins 2020

WooCommerce Shipping Plugins 2020

Increasing e-commerce transaction volume, which has increased with developing technologies, preferences and the pandemic process, has gradually increased the number of companies selling online. The first point that companies selling online should focus on is dynamism in business processes.


Therefore, in this article, we will discuss the cargo issue, which is an indispensable process of e-Commerce. WooCommerce shipping plugins we will examine.

1-)wooCommerce Shipping Integration Plugin

This product has been discontinued.

Cargo (Logistics) Integration The most common problem in e-commerce is that the product sold cannot be delivered to the customer on time and as instructed. This increases customer dissatisfaction. What is important here is that all processes from receiving the order to delivery are integrated with cargo.

Receiving cargo tracking code with cargo integration, cargo movementscargo delivery informationstatus changes and messages sent during the process are managed automatically. Considering that you need to track the status of hundreds of shipments every day, this is a huge waste of time.

woocommerce shipping integration plugin

Today, as the volume of e-commerce increases, users have started to shop online more and more. Online e-commerce has many features and conveniences that distinguish it from physical commerce, but this coral has its own problems. The customer should trust the site where they make a purchase and be able to follow all their processes transparently. When we do not have any human contact with the product purchased from a digital store, there may be problems with trust.

2-)wooCommerce Shipping Tracking Plugin


What is Cargo Tracking System?

Cargo tracking systemis a system that allows the customer to instantly track the shipping and delivery processes of the products sold on websites. With this system, it is possible to track whether the product sold has been shipped, if so, when it was shipped, where the customer's cargo is instantly or the estimated delivery time.

Cargo tracking system, e-Commerce volume has gained much more importance with its increase. Online shoppers want to know the latest status of their cargo. The instant status of the cargo can be learned from the sites of the cargo companies, call centers or from the shopping site with the cargo tracking code (It is the number given to track the cargo status after the order is shipped). The cargo tracking number generated by the system on e-commerce sites is notified to the buyer's mobile number via message or e-mail when the product sold is delivered to the cargo.

When you ship your orders, you can help your customer track their cargo by sharing the cargo tracking link with your customer. Did you know that when the complaints of customers shopping through e-commerce systems are analyzed, the most complained and asked issue is where is my cargo?

What is the Advantage of Cargo Tracking System?

  • Since it is possible to track where the cargo is and when it will be delivered, the recipient's absence at the address can be prevented. Thus, the recipient does not need to go to the cargo branch to receive the cargo.
  • You can also see many different details about the cargo company from the system, such as the name of the cargo company, contact.
  • Customers can shop with confidence as they can follow all the steps in the process until the products are delivered.

One of the most important and difficult processes of e-commerce sites that sell products is cargo. In this process carried out outside the business, customers want to be informed and reach their products intact.

WooKargo will make your cargo information processes more transparent by informing your customers of the tracking numbers of cargo companies that provide widespread service in Turkey on your customers' order screens, e-mail and sms. In this way, you can significantly increase your customer satisfaction and at the same time, you can allocate the time you spend on cargo information to your business.

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