What's the Best Shipping Plugin for Your Marketplace and Ecommerce Site?

What's the Best Shipping Plugin for Your Marketplace and Ecommerce Site?

Shipping pluginis one of the most important points of a WooCommerce infrastructure. The shipping process directly affects the customer. It is also one of the most challenging processes for e-commerce store or marketplace owners due to technical and logistical challenges. Although WordPress is flexible due to its structure, the plugins we use limit us in some cases. For example, in WooCommerce infrastructure MNG,Domestic or there are no shipping options such as PTT. In this case, many site owners have difficulty.

In this article, I will introduce you to the best shipping plugin that will definitely improve the experience of customers on your store. 

Why Use a Shipping Plugin?

If you are using WooCommerce infrastructure and want to deliver your products to a wider customer base, you need an up-to-date shipping plugin.

Gurmehub shipping plugins help you extend your online store functionalities and allow you to create different shipping options for your WooCommerce store.

This plugin makes your delivery process much easier and smoother, allowing you to spend your time on your business needs. You can also easily integrate your WooCommerce store with popular shipping services such as MNG, Yurtiçi or PTT and make deliveries anywhere in Turkey.

Features to Look for in WooCommerce Shipping Plugins

Let's take a look at the factors you should consider before choosing a WooCommerce shipping plugin. Almost all plugins offer a similar set of features, including the following features that fulfill the basic requirements of the shipping process.


For online stores with physical products, the shipping process is crucial. It's essential to have a flexible shipping solution that allows you to create multiple custom shipping rate methods depending on your needs. It should be able to calculate different rates for weight, size, quantity, and product category.

Logistics Support

Buyers are ordering from everywhere, and given the high competition, store owners need to fulfill all purchase requests. A good WooCommerce shipping plugin should be hassle-free, especially when it comes to domestic shipping support.

Shipment Tracking

Shipment Tracking is an important feature that every customer expects from any online store. When the customer can track the package(s) they ordered as it moves through the logistics chain, it increases their trust.

WooCommerce Best Shipping Plugin

Shipping Add-on

Place your orders that you shipped You can help your customer track their cargo by sharing the cargo tracking link with your customer. The most complained and asked issue is where the cargo is.

With our plugin, you can share the cargo tracking information of the most broadcast cargo companies with your customers using SMS and E-Mail options.

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