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The Best WordPress Marketplace Plugins You Should Use in 2020

The Best WordPress Marketplace Plugins You Should Use in 2020

There are many marketplaces around the world for sellers to deliver their products to many customers. Marketplace platforms such as Amazon, N11, Hepsiburada, Trendyol host millions of customers and sellers.


Is it possible to create a new marketplace?

We will try to answer the question through WordPress.

How to Create a WordPress Marketplace?

WordPress, a versatile content management system, can be used to create various types of websites, simple or complex, including marketplaces. Many people don't know that they can create a marketplace using WordPress.

If you want to create a marketplace using WordPress, all you need to do is find the right marketplace plugin for you.

Just as there is a WordPress marketplace theme with a plethora of features to utilize, there is also a WordPress marketplace plugin. These are bundled functions such as product management, inventory management, commission settings and much more.

Finding marketplace plugins built with WordPress is not easy compared to many other plugins. However, there is no need to worry. We have compiled the 5 most used WordPress marketplace plugins we have developed and used worldwide.

wooCommerce Marketplace iyzico Plugin - iyziBazaar+

IyziBazaar+, which you can use for your E-Commerce site that works with the marketplace model using WooCommerce and Dokan, WCVendor, Product Vendors, WCFM (WC Lovers) systems, to receive payments through iyzico, to create vendors, to perform fee distributions in the basket according to the commission amount you set, will allow you to save time in your processes, increase your company quality and make error-free transactions with many more advanced different features.

Features of iyziBazaar+ WordPress Marketplace Plugin

  • You can get paid by selling at merchants using WooCommerce Dokan, WCVendor, Product Vendors, WCFM (WC Lovers) and iyzico.
  • You can work with different apis according to Test and Production distinctions. You can try your transactions with test apis and get iyzico approvals.
  • You can disable the installment features in the cart by selecting the categories that you do not want to make installments.
  • You can make withdrawals with the site's own form without opening any other form or another page on the wooCommerce payment page.
  • vendor You can perform iyzico sub-customer (Merchant, seller for marketplace) creation update operations for users with the role of iyzico.
  • A custom form can be designed and used to create a vendor.
  • Dokan, WCVendor, Product Vendors, WCFM (WC Lovers) are processed with commission calculations.
  • Depending on the type of marketplace plugin, the process of approving the order can be given to the administrator or the marketplace owner.

Dokan WordPress Marketplace Plugin


Considered one of the best WordPress marketplace plugins Dokanis a platform that helps you create your own marketplace in the shortest possible time. WooCommerce marketplace plugin.

Key Features of the Dokan Multivendor Plugin:

  • A platform for suppliers to easily add and organize their products. panel presents
  • Both yourself and other sellers Online through your E-commerce marketplace with Dokan they can sell products
  • Vendors are automatically generated through Dokan detailed sales reports can control and use
  • It also has some key features that allow you to test this plugin on your website before purchasing it a free Dokan Lite version is available.
  • Vendors' dashboards as they wish to personalize Allows
  • For every product that sellers sell special offers easily can manage
  • It works compatible with most of the WooCommerce themes.

Some customers complain about the support. If you are a beginner and need a lot of support to build your e-commerce marketplace, Dokan might not be for you.

YITH WordPress Marketplace Plugin


YITH WooCommerce With the marketplace plugin, you can easily turn your e-commerce website into a marketplace.

YITH WooCommerce Multi-Vendor plugin Key Features :

  • One of the best features about this plugin is that you can freely choose commission rates
  • It allows you to assign different commission rates to each merchant store and even products.
  • It allows sellers to add and edit their own products.
  • Sellers can create discount coupons.
  • Detailed seller profile allows to create
  • The address of each vendor/store and Google Map location you can show.
  • Assist in the management of each vendor's store more than one manager it could be .

By default there is no frontend dashboard for merchants. That's why you have to pay extra YITH Frontend Manager you need an additional plugin called .

WC Vendors - WordPress Marketplace Extension


WC Vendors is a popular WordPress marketplace plugin that you can find among free plugins. Because of the amazing features and functionalities it supports From 10,000 has more active users.

Key Features of WC Vendors Marketplace:

  • Your market physical or downloadable products You can easily add sellers who want to sell.
  • It offers sellers a user-friendly panel.
  • You can easily add or change your commission rates
  • Vendors, store design to a limited extent can customize
  • Vendors can easily manage their logistics a comprehensive transportation module includes


  • With WC Vendors, it's easy to create your marketplace with unique URLs.
  • Üfree version with which you can create a simple marketplace.
  • Listed vendors regarding their realized sales, commissions paid, profits and other similar data points detailed reports using this plugin. These reports help merchants to get many insights into their business.
  • Also, for each new order, you can also send the sellers automatically notifies and saves time with its dynamic structure.


To create a merchant account, use this plugin  a time-consuming is the process.

Webkul WordPress WooCommerce Marketplace Plugin


If you have an e-commerce website built with WooCommerce and want to turn it into a marketplace, you will need the WordPress WooCommerce Marketplace plugin by Webkul.

Key Features of WordPress WooCommerce Marketplace Plugin: 

  • You can use this plugin a multifunctional marketplace You can use it to create .
  • It provides sellers with a well-designed seller panel that they can use to add, edit or delete products they want to sell online.
  • Marketplace 'Admin' can also manage the products sold on your website and you can easily set commission rates for each seller
  • Using this plugin sales for different products from different sellers you can assign
  • This add-on can be physical or electronic for sale in the marketplace. supports all kinds of products
  • Easier for merchants to manage orders and invoices
  • For easy access to millions of social media users social networks even to the market you can connect
  • The design is practical but looks very old and simple
  • It is difficult for beginners to understand.

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