What is Customer-to-Customer Commerce (C2C)?

What is Customer-to-Customer Commerce (C2C)?

Customer-to-customer (C2C) is a business model where customers can trade with each other, usually in an online environment. There are two applications of C2C marketplaces. These are auctions and classified ads. C2C marketing has grown in popularity with the arrival of companies like eBay, Etsy and Craigslist. There are also examples for Turkey, such as Sahibinden and Letgo.

How does Customer to Customer (C2C) Work?

C2C represents a marketplace environment where a customer purchases goods from another customer using a third-party business or platform to facilitate the transaction. C2C companies are a type of business model that has emerged with e-commerce technology.

Customers often use c2c systems for products that are difficult to find elsewhere. Also, margins for sellers can be higher than with traditional pricing methods because there are minimal costs due to the absence of retailers or wholesalers. Sellers list their products online and reach their customers this way.

Customer-to-Customer (C2C) Business Types

Craigslist Craigslist is an e-commerce platform that connects people advertising products, services or situations. Craigslist not only provides a platform to buy, sell and trade items, but also posts monthly classified ads such as employment opportunities and property listings.

Etsy allows company owners to create custom websites where they will market their products to consumers. The C2C site offers guidance and tools for growing a business, with prices varying according to a company's stage of development. There is also a "Selling on Etsy" app that helps to efficiently manage orders, listings and customer inquiries.

eBayhas two types of product listings: fixed price products and auction products. Fixed price items can be purchased quickly by selecting the Buy Now button. Auction items include a Place Bid button for entering bids and show a current bid price. These items are open for bids for a predetermined period of time and are declared "sold" to the highest bidder.

Letgowhich actually offers a very simple user experience. advertisement systemis. It can be used on mobile as well as integrated over the web. One of the biggest features that distinguishes it from others is that any item you need, someone around you is trying to sell it because it is no longer useful. In other words, those in need can find each other without any intermediaries.

Sahibindenis one of the most widely used trade terms and refers to transactions such as sales, leases and transfers in which the seller and the buyer carry out transactions directly, without an intermediary institution or person, without paying a commission fee.

Revenue and Growth of the C2C Market

C2C websites and similar platforms make money from fees charged to sellers for listing items for sale, adding promotional features and facilitating credit card transactions. C2C transactions typically involve used goods sold through a classified or auction system.

The C2C market is projected to grow in the future due to its cost effectiveness. The most important reason for this situation is that vendors have almost no cost. In addition, it is useful to take into account the increasing use of the Internet with covid-19.

Retailers see this as an important business model due to the popularity of social media and other online channels. These channels offer specific products that consumers already own and are driving increased online traffic to C2C platforms.

While the C2C system has many advantages, there are challenges such as lack of quality control and payment guarantees. In some cases, credit card transactions cannot be approved for such platforms. However, the emergence of PayPal and similar payment systems over the years has helped simplify payments on C2C platforms. With the ban of PayPal in our country EnPara Platforms such as the "Platforms and Platforms" have started to be used. Iyzibazaar plugin, you can perform payment receiving processes smoothly on your marketplace site.


C2C stands for "consumer to consumer" or "customer to customer". BUnlike 2B (business-to-business) and B2C (business-to-customer) models, it is a relatively new business model.

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