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6 Reasons to Have a Contact Form on Your Website

6 Reasons to Have a Contact Form on Your Website

Have you ever wondered why it is always recommended to have a contact form on your website? Why not just use your email address? After all, you need a medium to help your visitors reach you.

While this is not a bad idea, I will tell you exactly why you shouldn't do it and how a Contact Form can help you improve your business. So let's get started.

1. Adds Professionalism to Your Site

A website without a contact form always looks incomplete. Adding a contact form to your website has an immediate positive impact on the appearance of the site because now your site looks more professional to your visitors. However, just using it on your website is not enough. You need to place it strategically so that it can be more easily seen by your customers.

2. Availability

Another reason to use a Contact Form is that your form is always ready to receive interaction. Running a business is not always easy. Communication involves many tasks to consider. 

Therefore, you may not be able to answer all questions immediately. But with a Contact form in hand, this is no longer a problem. You can set up an automatic response that the sender will receive as soon as they hit the submit button.

3. Protects Your Website from Spam

Adding your email address directly to your website can open your inbox to spammers only. Using a Contact Form saves you all your time and energy cleaning them up. It helps you keep a very secure layer around your website as it works continuously filtering out any spam that comes your way.

4. Keeps Your Contacts Organized

The best thing about Contact Forms is that you never have to worry about wasting time searching for email addresses in your inbox. Contact Form plugins come with great features where contacts are stored in one place so that you can access them whenever you want.

5. Multifunctional

Contact forms fulfill the need for 2-way communication. But it can also be used for an inquiry, applying for a job, giving feedback, registering for an event, etc. In other words, contact forms serve a multifunctional purpose for your business.  

6. Track Your Visitors

Another great feature of these forms is how easily you can track your visitors. You can set conversion goals for these forms, where you can track the number of visitors on your Contact Form page. Not only that, but you can also track the page your visitors land on your contact page. So, depending on your user's activity, you can now strategize and plan how to convert your visitors into leads.

WooSms Notification Plugin

Customize Your Website, Grow Your Business

WooSms Notification Plugin Contact Form 7 is an SMS sending plugin that works in integration with the website. For example; you entered your information for a doctor's appointment in the relevant fields and pressed the save button. But you did not see that your registration was created successfully. At this very moment, the message "Your appointment has been successfully created" coming to your phone will give you peace of mind. Likewise, the fact that the information that the appointment has been successfully created goes to the relevant person as an SMS notification will prevent many confusion.

What is Contact Form 7

Contact Form 7 is the most popular contact form plugin that allows websites using WordPress infrastructure to create contact forms. It is translated for 43 different languages and used by more than 5 million people on their websites.

So what exactly does the WooSms Notification Plugin do here?

When a Contact Form 7 contact form is filled in, it sends a notification SMS to the person who filled it in and to the administrator of the site. This will be sent to WooSms thanks to the message writing area. The fact that the message writing area can be changed is also a great advantage.

7. Accessibility

Many website owners use social media addresses to connect with people. This way, your users can reach you through your social profile. But what if you are not a social media user?

This is where contact forms come in. It's a great alternative to let people know that you are directly reachable through the Contact Form you use on your site.  


These are some of the reasons why you should definitely use a Contact Form on your website. Not having contact forms can not only ruin your business reputation, but it can also cause you to lose many potential customers. This will directly affect your business. So now  WooSmS use the plugin.

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