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Why Every E-Commerce Business Should Have a Shipping Strategy?

Why Every E-Commerce Business Should Have a Shipping Strategy?

It's no secret that e-commerce is a growing part of the revenue generated by businesses. In 2018 worldwide e-commerce sales , tüm satışların %11,9’unu temsil etmiştir. 2021 yılı için ise beklentiler %17,5 civarındadır. Bu artış özellikle genç neslin interneti aktif ve satın alma noktası olarak kullanmasından kaynaklanmaktadır. Bu yazımda sizlere hem “kargo stratejisi nedir?” hem e-ticaret ekosisteminde yükselen bir yıldız olan Bolt Kargo Modülü’nden bahsedeceğim.

If you're thinking about starting e-commerce, there are many factors to consider. Today, I'll explain how important a shipping strategy is for the purchase flow, how it can help the user experience and what it can do for your brand value.

Pre-Purchase Shipping Strategy Impact

When consumers buy a product online, they often pay all of the associated costs. Adding shipping to your pricing can give you an advantage by preventing the user from having to think about payment over and over again. However, if you have products with a low price tag, shipping charges are shown separately from the order amount on many major platforms.

Shipping prices can have a high impact on your brand value, product perception and margins. By making a tight deal with your shipping provider and offering smart routes, you can make a difference and become a real player in the e-commerce world.

If you have a high volume of shipments, you probably have a contract with your shipping supplier. You can negotiate the prices in this contract to ensure you get the best possible margin on each of your sales throughout the year.

Another pre-purchase influence to keep in mind is your return policy. When buying online, especially for clothing stores, it is important that your return policy is clear to users. E-commerce products returns up to four times the costs of regular returns in the store is coming out.

While free returns can be an incentive for consumers to buy, remember that it can also reduce your margins. If you are in the clothing industry, returns are a must. Even if you are in another industry, you should offer return options. Amazon is a good example. Having an easy and manageable return process is the most important feature that makes Amazon number 1.

Post Purchase

Consumers are starting to expect a more personalized experience with their purchases. Consumers often subscribe to an e-commerce site if they want to be informed about personalized discounts or general discounts. On this topic McKinsey researchin the report, he mentioned that users give more importance to personal discounts than to subscriptions and purchases.

You can give your customer a note, special packaging, some samples or free products after purchase for personal discounts or gifts. All this has become the norm for consumers using e-commerce today. More personalized packaging comes with extra costs for shipping. But for that cost, you can make your customer feel special.

Knowing whether your sales are efficient or not allows you to be even more competitive and can also help with customer acquisition, loyalty and promotion. Last but not least: Shipping is important, but you need a strategy!

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