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6 Best WordPress Comment Plugins 2020

6 Best WordPress Comment Plugins 2020

While WordPress has made some improvements to help reduce comment spam and improve comment moderation, the form presented to the visitor hasn't changed radically since its inception, so many site owners have started using WordPress plugins (WordPress comment plugins) to address this issue.

Visitors who want to publish a comment on a WordPress website are presented with four fields: comment, name, email and website (optional).

You can see an example of this in the screenshot below showing the aThemes comment form.


The default WordPress form is functional but lacks many advanced features. For example, it doesn't natively allow commenters to receive email updates and sign in using their favorite social media services.

This is why many WordPress websites modify or improve the WordPress comment form.

In this post, six of the best reviews as GurmeWoo WordPress plugin we will share with you.

1. wpDiscuz


wpDiscuz is a fast-loading AJAX-powered WordPress comment plugin that displays new comments in real-time. It is built on the default WordPress comment system, so you don't need to export comments to an external server as all comments are stored in your website database.

wpDiscuzadds hundreds of additional comment settings and features to WordPress. This includes social media logins, advanced comment layouts, inline comments, post ratings, comment subscriptions, comment statistics, live notifications and anti-spam protection.

On WpDiscuz The number of options available is staggering but the developers have simplified the installation process by providing a user-friendly installation wizard.

In step one of the wizard, you can choose between light and dark style and three unique comment layouts. In the next step, you can choose to display a comment bubble on your pages and define where it will be positioned and whether it will show live updates. The last step shows you how to display inline comments in articles and asks if you want to show article ratings.


Ana wpDiscuz dashboard notifies you of the latest updates to the plugin. It gives you an overview of your comments and users. This helps you see how many active discussants are on your website, how many comments are coming from registered users and how many comments are being entered by guests.

wpDiscuz It works immediately after installation, but the main settings page has hundreds of options in 15 categories. The vast majority of settings can be toggled off and on with the click of a button, and there is a special emoticons page where you can change the text of all emoticons used in the plugin.

wpDiscuz also provides a tools page where you can import and export options and phrases, rebuild ratings, fix database tables and more.


One of the best features of WpDiscuz is forms. You can create an unlimited number of comment forms and each one is customizable.

For each form, you can define which fields to display, which layout to use, which post types to display the form in, and which user groups are allowed to comment. You can also change the language of the forms and the text displayed in the form title.

2. Thrive Comments


Thrive Comments ,  Presented by Thrive Themes a first-class WordPress Comment Plugin.

WordPress Plugin increases engagement with readers by allowing them to like and promote comments. You can reward commenters by featuring comments and give them participation badges.

Users can log in through their preferred social media service and share individual comment URLs via Facebook or Twitter. Speed has also been considered. You can use lazy loading to improve page load times and load additional comments when they scroll down the page.

Thrive Comments you will first need to download and activate the Thrive Product Manager plugin. This plugin can be used to install every WordPress theme and plugin that Thrive Themes releases.

Thrive Comments settings area is divided into eight sections: General Settings, Comment Conversion, Comment Login, Customize Style, Voting and Badges, Notifications, Comment Moderation and Advanced Settings.

At the top of the page, you will find links to comment reports and moderation, but my favorite part of the settings page is the preview area on the right side. When you change a setting, you can see how it affects your comment field. You can also change the previews from desktop to mobile.


After exploring the settings area, Thrive Comments you start to realize how good it is.

In the comment conversion section, you can define what happens when someone leaves their first comment and what happens after they post another comment. For example, you can display a thank you message to them first and when they post another comment you can redirect them to your newsletter signup page.

Commenters can sign in using their Facebook and Google accounts. In the Style section, you can choose the accent color used in the comment field and upload avatars for those without a Gravatar account.

All important features can be turned on and off. You can also disable avatars, social media logins, voting and badges, GDPR consent, email notifications and more.


Thrive Comments delivers comments in a modern and professional design, but what happens on the back-end of your website is just as important.

Thrive Themes has developed a set of tools to help you manage large volumes of comments. Comments are categorized as pending, unanswered, awaiting response, featured, spam or trash. To enable more in-depth questions and comments to be addressed, you can assign comments to staff and they will appear in the "Awaiting Response" section.

Keyboard shortcuts are also provided to help you moderate comments faster.

Five reports are available on the Reports page: Comments Chart, Voting Tasks, Most Active Commenters, Most Popular Posts and Top Voted Comments.

Reports can be filtered to help you analyze comment activity and how readers interact with each other.

3. Jetpack Comments


Automattic's  WordPress pluginis installed on more than five million WordPress websites. It offers uptime monitoring, brute force protection, secure logins, website backups, malware scanning, page optimization, administration tools and more.

An often overlooked feature Jetpack Comments . The module adds comments and email updates for your website, along with social media logins for commenters.

Comment form settings,  Jetpack Comments tab to configure it.

In the comments area, you can allow users to log in via WordPress.com, Twitter, Facebook and Google. You can change the header label of your form and switch from light to dark or transparent.

Other features available here are Gravatar pop-up business cards, a discount system for commenters to format their messages and the ability to like comments.

Readers can also choose to receive email updates about new comments and blog posts.


4. GraphComment Comment System


GraphComment Comment System wordpress comment plugin is a hosted comment solution that aims to boost conversations on your website.

It allows users to log in via Facebook, Twitter and Google. Anonymity is not allowed, so even guest posters need to register a GraphComment account.

It offers community profiles, voting and badges, many beautiful color schemes, and a notification center that helps users see updates on their comments.

GraphComment WordPress plugin to use it, on the main GraphComment website you need to register a free account. You will then be asked to add some information about your website such as name, URL and others.

All comments are stored on GraphComment servers. However, in the plugin settings area you can synchronize comments to your own website every minute, 10 minutes, 30 minutes, hour or 12 hours.

You can choose to enable GraphComment for all blog posts on your website or use it only from a certain date. Once you have selected your preferred option, you can start importing your comments into GraphComment.

6 Best WordPress Comment Plugins 2020

Comments can be managed through the GraphComment admin area. It lacks some of the advanced moderation tools available in Thrive Comments, but you can assign multiple moderators to pages.

Analytics is really good. You can see the total number of comments, users and threads for a defined date range. It also highlights the top commenters and topics for that period.

GraphComment comment area looks very professional. The best discussions can be viewed at the top of the comment area and for each comment there are options to share, like and reply.

5. Disqus 


Developed in 2007 Disqus is a commenting service that hosts more than 50 million comments every month.

Used by some of the largest content websites on the internet, Disqus dramatically increases engagement by offering features such as real-time comments, social media logins and support for embedding images and videos.

Although Disqus completely replaces the default WordPress commenting system, comments are automatically synced to your WordPress website for backup, so you can switch to another comment setting later if you wish.

After registering for a Disqus account, free WordPress plugin to your website using the synchronization token URL. All you need to do is copy the synchronization token URL to the plugin and you will receive the necessary API information.


Disqus WordPress pluginSince there is only a bridge between your website and your Disqus account, there are a few options.

A number of tools to help you moderate comments are available on the main website. This includes giving users a reputation rating based on previous comments, pre-moderating comments from trolls and creating ban lists and trust lists. You can also moderate users via email.

Analytics also helps you see comment activity and the best comments. This will help you see how readers interact with each other.

6. Lazy Load for Comments


Our final recommendation Lazy Load for Comments .

 Lazy Load for Comments WordPress comments Plugin was developed to reduce the number of HTTP requests generated by lazy upload comments and Gravatar images from comments.

It is compatible with most WordPress themes, including popular premium WordPress themes like Genesis and Divi. Lazy Load for Comments was developed with the default WordPress comment system in mind, and it works with other WordPress comment plugins that add more options to your comment form.

Once Lazy Load for Comments is enabled, you will see a new options area for Lazy Load Comments on the discussion settings page of your WordPress admin area.

The preselected option is "On Scroll". This means that additional comments are loaded when the reader scrolls down the page.


I hope you enjoyed my article on the best WordPress comment plugins.

As you can see, there is a wide variety of wordpress comment plugin on the market. I recommend testing them all to see which one suits you and your needs.

If you are happy with the default WordPress comment system, you can use it to reduce blog post load times. for Lazy Load for Comments I recommend using . If you want a simple solution with support for social media logins and subscriptions through Automattic's WordPress.com platform Jetpack is a great choice.

Both Disqus and GraphComment will help you display comments in a professional way. They allow social media logins, have advanced analytics and improve commenters' experiences. While both platforms have their strengths and weaknesses, I can recommend GraphComment if you don't want to pay a monthly fee as their basic account doesn't display ads.

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