WordPress Backup Plugins

Wordpress Backup Plugins

Having a backup copy of your website at a given point in time is something that gives you extra security in case anything untoward happens with your web project. Whenever you are going to make an important change like a WordPress update or a plugin or extension installation, you should have a backup of your websites. This is why WordPress backup plugins at this stage it takes a step forward.

What is WordPress Backup?

Wordpress Backup Plugins

The task of making scheduled or incremental backups in WordPress can be made easier with a plugin that helps you create backups on a regular basis. There are many options in the WordPress plugin repository. A backup is a file with a specific date that saves certain information that you have previously configured. It is meant to give you ideas as a backup in case of emergencies. Regarding your digital project, you will find two backups: a backup of your website or a backup of all the information hosted on the web host. The copy of your website will be lighter than all your hosting.

It is very important to have backup copies of your website and also of your hosting. Above all, you can use them in case something goes wrong with your website. So, whenever you want to install a new plugin, make an important change or, above all, update WordPress, do not hesitate to make a backup of your website. At any time, a problem can arise and if you haven't programmed or backed up your website before, the consequences can be dire.

What Features Should WordPress Backup Plugins Include?

Wordpress Backup Plugins

As we mentioned earlier, there are many WordPress backup plugins in the WordPress repository that can make it easier for you to backup your WordPress site. In this sense, the usual thing about all backup plugins is that they take a basic backup of the web and database files and give you the option to place this backup on a domain other than your own server.

Remembering to do your backups manually is a bit of a hassle. That's why a good backup plugin should give you the option to automate these copies. You should be able to select days and times to do this.

It is important that the copies are stored in a different place from your website. Because if for some reason the server fails and your backup copies are hosted there, you will lose the website and the copies too. Remember to place the backup copies in a different location from where you host your website. The more places you have the copies, the better.

The plugin should also allow you to do scheduled backups that you have configured, although if at any time you need to do a manual backup, it should allow that too.

Most WordPress backup plugins allow you to make full backups of your website. It also allows you to create copies of modified files. In this sense, making backups consumes resources. If all the plugin needs to do is make a copy of the latest changes, this will help your project not slow down.

What are WordPress Backup Plugins?

WordPress backup plugins are listed as follows:


Wordpress Backup Plugins

It's a plugin that makes it easy to manage backup copies and restores on websites built with WordPress. With over 3 million active installations, it's a great value plugin with a free version and a premium version. With the free version, the plugin allows you to backup your website's files and database and restore them when you need them. You can also store your backups in Dropbox, Google Drive and other remote locations. One of the interesting things about this plugin is that you can select the components you want to back up and configure the number of stored backups you want to have.


Wordpress Backup Plugins

BackWPup, one of the WordPress backup plugins, is very popular. It is one of the most used plugins for creating backup copies in WordPress. Like UpDraftPlus, with this extension you will be able to create backup copies. You will be able to send them to an external location for storage, such as Dropbox or FTP. It also has a premium version that gives you more features. But you can also get things done with the free version.

All in One WP Migration

Wordpress Backup Plugins

With over 4 million active installations, it is one of the most downloaded backup plugins in the WordPress repository. The plugin is known as a very powerful tool for web migrations. With All in One WP Migration, it takes no more than 2 minutes to make your backup. You can make your backup with a single click, download it or store it in Google Drive or Dropbox with the pro version. The backup includes all your files, but not the database.

Backup Guard

Wordpress Backup Plugins

Among the WordPress backup plugins, Backup Guard is a complete plugin for creating backup copies and restoring them at any time. Like other plugins, it includes a free version with fewer features and a paid version that increases the plugin's possibilities.

In its free version, this component helps you create backup copies of both your WordPress files and your database. It gives you the possibility to choose which files to save. Regarding the storage of the copies, the plugin gives you the option to download the backups or upload them to Dropbox. The ability to use other external sites like One Drive or Google Drive is only available in the professional version.

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