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WooCommerce Ziraat Bank Virtual Pos

WooCommerce Ziraat Bank Virtual Pos

WooCommerce Ziraat Bank virtual posoffers unique opportunities for people using WooCommerce infrastructure. If you want to receive payments by credit card and debit card; this service is for you!

After obtaining Ziraat Bank virtual pos, our technical team will contact you. GurmeWOO has the knowledge and experience to make all the mentioned integrations. We support you in the best way with our professional software developer staff.

  • You can receive payments with Ziraat Bank virtual pos through banks and intermediary organizations.
  • The modules developed by GurmeWOO support all WooCommerce versions.
  • You can also request different updates for integration according to your payment habits.

What is Virtual Pos?

It is a POS software that enables companies to collect from credit and debit cards. After the customer who makes a purchase from an e-commerce site enters the card information in the form of the page, this data reaches the bank securely. Then the authorization is taken. This software ensures that the authorization is received securely.

What is WooCommerce Ziraat Bank Virtual Pos?

WooCommerce Ziraat Bank Virtual Pos

It is also possible to practically integrate the virtual pos service you obtain from Ziraat Bank branches into your e-commerce site using WordPress WooCommerce. Thanks to the Ziraat Bank virtual pos developed by GurmeWOO, it is possible to complete the virtual pos integration of your e-commerce page in minutes.

After your order, you can download the relevant friends of the latest version of the plugin from your panel. You can easily install it in your WordPress admin panel. If you want the installation to be done by the GurmeWOO team; we also support you at this stage.

In the integration realized using Ziraat Bank virtual pos;

  • You can provide installment options to Ziraat Bank Bank Bankkart credit cards.
  • For credit and debit cards of other banks other than Bankkart, you can request a single check.
  • With the 3D Secure feature, it is possible to receive payment securely.
  • You can receive payments in foreign currencies.
  • If you have virtual POS usage from banks other than Ziraat Bank, you can direct transactions for the POS you want if you have various criteria or if the payment type is one-shot or installment.
  • You can set a lower limit for installment transactions.
  • You can disable the installment feature in the product categories you want.

On Which Platforms Is WooCommerce Ziraat Bank Virtual Pos Used?

WooCommerce Ziraat Bank Virtual Pos

You can use Ziraat Bank payment method in the most important e-commerce software of our country. Ziraat Bank virtual pos, specially developed for WordPress infrastructure sites, allows you to receive your payments without any problems.

How to Setup Ziraat Bank Virtual Pos?

WooCommerce Ziraat Bank virtual pos is a module specially developed for WordPress WooCommerce sites. It works problem-free on this platform. It is renewed day by day by GurmeWOO and updates are always made. Installation is completely free. If you want to install the module yourself; you can follow these steps:

  • Download Ziraat Bank virtual pos zip file to your computer.
  • Access your WordPress dashboard.
  • Go to Install plugin and upload the virtual pos zip file to the dashboard. Install and activate the plugin.
  • You can update your information and make your settings in the Pos settings area. Likewise, you can configure installments from the installments menu.

What are the Advantages of WooCommerce Ziraat Bank Virtual Pos?

It is a safe and easy solution for people who want to make their sales online. It provides payment by card. Advantages

  • Secure payment page: Companies using Ziraat Bank virtual pos receive card payments through the secure payment page and all transactions are completed securely.
  • 3D Secure: Thanks to the 3D Secure feature in online card payments, both the customer and the seller remain safe.
  • Batch collection: With the batch collection feature, payments are routinely received in batches.
  • It is a safe and effective option for online shopping.
  • It helps the company expand into domestic and international markets and realize 24/7 sales.

Ziraat Bank for virtual pos CLICK HEREIn addition to these; You can optimize your payment process with WooCommerce installment plugins.

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