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Create a Donation Form for NGO with WordPress

Create a Donation Form for NGO with WordPress

NGO with WordPress you can create a donation form. The platform is frequently used by non-profit organizations and charities. This is because donation form plugins make it easier for sites to function. There are various plugins that make it easy for people to accept donations on their own web pages.

There are also a variety of WordPress themes to help you get a great web page for your nonprofit organization. But when it comes to an effective mechanism to get people to donate to your organization, your options are limited.

GiveWP Plugin: WordPress Donation Plugin

NGO with WordPress

When it comes to donation form plugins for NGOs with WordPress, the most popular is undoubtedly the GiveWP plugin. In the WordPress panel, go to the plugins area and click add new. Search for Give WordPress donation plugin. Find the plugin. Install and activate it.

On crowdfunding sites, every single donation is very important. When creating a donation form for an NGO with WordPress, it's important to make the donor feel like their money is going towards something tangible. To do this, you should set a goal for your donation form and promote that goal to visitors.

NGO with WordPress

The advantages offered by this plugin are listed as follows:

  • Activating and setting up this donation form is extremely simple. Just like Contact Form 7 and Gravity Forms, it is easy to use. You can start editing by adding a form in the Donations area.
  • You can make various changes to the default donation form setup. You can design a very detailed form or set a specific donation amount. You can also allow the user to set the donation level.
  • You can position any content above or below the form fields.
  • You can show payment fields in three options.
  • You can create an offline donation procedure.
  • You can have the donor request billing information.
  • You can create registration buttons.
  • You can ensure that only registered members can donate.
  • You can add conditions for any donation.

NGO with WordPress

Ability to Monitor Transactions, Generate Reports and Collect Data

When creating an NGO site with WordPress, the GiveWP donation form plugin creates many more benefits. You can also view how many people have started a transaction on your site, how many transactions have been interrupted, and how many transactions have failed. The data obtained can be easily exported. You can use third-party tools or statistical tools for this. You can also use the R language to explore the data and reach higher donation revenue targets.

Create a Donation Form for NGO with WordPress

You can be aware of the activity on your site by examining the reports generated by the plugin in detail. These reports will give you an idea of where you are and how much revenue you will collect in the future.

Create a Donation Form for NGO with WordPress

Other Details About GiveWP Plugin

You can monitor donors' payments or failed transactions in the background. The currencies in which people donate differ depending on the donor's country. You also have the possibility to change the donor currency accordingly.

Create a Donation Form for NGO with WordPress

The plugin also offers PayPal support. The display options provided on the plugin are customizable. A lot of content that may distract the donor or slow down the web page can be removed.

You can disable the form in different areas of your web page. This way, the form will not disturb users. In the plugin settings, you can manually create various email messages to thank people for donating. A compelling message to them will encourage them to donate more.

The plugin can be configured to position the form anywhere on your web page. You can also add different and new functionalities to the plugin as you wish. We can say that this plugin is useful and practical for creating a donation form for NGO with WordPress. However, it is recommended to use it in combination with other payment plugins. GiveWP Virtual Pos Plugin you can receive donations.

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