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WooCommerce Paratika Virtual Pos

WooCommerce Paratika Virtual Pos

WooCommerce Paratika virtual pos you can get paid safely and easily on your e-commerce site. You can also use Paratika Virtual POS in your vendor creation processes, in the process of realizing the fee distributions in the basket according to the commission amount you have determined. ParatikaBazaar allows you to improve your processes with many more advanced features. With this virtual pos, you can save time and perform error-free transactions on the other hand.

What is WooCommerce Paratika Virtual Pos?

WooCommerce Paratika Virtual Pos

It is the most advanced payment plugin for e-commerce sites that work as marketplaces and use WooCommerce infrastructure. Are you planning to build a marketplace site? You have decided on your customers, vendors, domain name, hosting, design and infrastructure (Dokan, WooCommerce) solutions. You have also agreed with Paratika as a payment system.

You can entrust the payment process to the WooCommerce Paratika virtual pos plugin and easily enable your customers to shop from the page. Thus, you can also automate the payments of sub-sellers who sell through the site.

POS Integrator payment transactions are possible with Paratika Virtual POS

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The features of the WooCommerce Paratika virtual pos plugin can be explained as follows:

  • With Paratika pos, you can set up your own marketplace and receive payments.
  • The plugin works in a way that is compatible with Paratika APIs.
  • It is possible to receive payments at workplaces using WooCommerce Dokan and Paratika.
  • It can work with different APIs according to Production and Test distinctions. With Test APIs, you get the opportunity to test your transactions and get Paratika approvals.
  • Depending on the type of marketplace extension, the order confirmation stage may be left to the marketplace owner or manager.
  • There is the possibility to easily add fields to the vendor registration forms to process important data such as BANK.
  • You benefit from Paratika's flexible commission rates.
  • You can take advantage of installments to seven bank cards by the company.
  • With Paratika you get the advantage of money transfers every day.

What are the Advantages of Paratika Virtual Pos?

WooCommerce Paratika virtual pos

Paratika virtual pos, which is a great payment method for online marketplaces, stands out with its unique advantages. The most important of these advantages are listed below:

  • Secure payment infrastructure: With Paratika, you can stop fraud. All payment transactions are protected by PCI-DSS compliant anti-fraud technology. Data security is ensured by professional teams.
  • Start e-commerce now: You benefit from commission rates offered specifically for you. With a single integration, you can receive instant payments from all credit cards and make money transfers on a daily basis.
  • Get paid in different currencies: Paratika allows you to cross borders. You can also receive payments from abroad with easy integration. It is possible to collect in foreign currency due to alternative payment methods.
  • Your customers' transactions are safe: With Paratika's professional operational and technical team, all your problems are solved. You can get 24/7 customer support.

WooCommerce Paratika virtual pos provides infrastructure for Kuveyt Türk Sağlam Kart, Advantage, Bankkart, Maximum, Paraf, Cardfinans, Worldcard, Axess and Bonus credit cards. As a result, Paratika supports you to increase your sales amount with the possibility of installments specifically for the programs of these cards.

With Paratika virtual pos, you provide online payment opportunities to foreign credit card holders in different currencies. You can make collections in Sterling, Euro, Dollar, and make collections to your account in the same currency. At this stage, the WordPress Exchange Rate Calculation Plugin will be useful for you.

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