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WooCommerce İş Bank Virtual Pos

WooCommerce İş Bank Virtual Pos

WooCommerce İş Bank virtual pos you can accept payments from your e-commerce site and realize your sales in a secure environment. You can use our İşbank virtual pos plugin to receive payments quickly, easily and securely. If you want to offer your customers a flawless payment experience; this product is for you!

Wooİşbank’ın muazzam özellikleri sayesinde ödeme almanın tadını çıkarabilir, müşterilerinize %100 güvenli bir ortamda ödeme yapma imkanı sağlayabilirsiniz.

What is WooCommerce İş Bank Virtual Pos?

WooCommerce İş Bank Virtual Pos

You have decided to set up an e-commerce page. You have identified the product or service being sold. In addition to details such as domain name, hosting and design, you have also decided on WooCommerce infrastructure. After all these processes, you agreed with İş Bank to receive payment during the sales phase. After that, if you are confused about the integration and plugin; all you need to do is to get the WooCommerce İş Bank virtual pos plugin.

We help you with the support requests you will open on our page for one month. However, we are also with you during the installation phase and offer plugin installation free of charge.

Receive Payment with POS Integrator

WooCommerce İş Bank Virtual Pos

POS Integrator virtual pos features are listed as follows:

  • You receive online payments with virtual pos.
  • It takes the payment experience of customers to the next level due to the test environment.
  • You can make order returns.
  • It is integrated with İşbank virtual POS APIs and works in harmony.
  • The form is used in the WooCommerce checkout area without the need for a common checkout page.
  • It offers multi-language support. Therefore, it makes it possible to receive payments in different languages.
  • It notes the problems that occur in erroneous transactions.

What is İş Bank Virtual Pos?

WooCommerce İş Bank Virtual Pos

İş Bank virtual pos has a software infrastructure that is easily integrated. In this way, it allows you to receive card payments in e-commerce. It offers the most suitable reports for your needs with different formats.

What are the Features Required in the Workplace for İşbank Virtual Pos?

WooCommerce İş Bank Virtual Pos

The following features are required at the workplace for İşbank virtual pos:

  • The company must have an active web page.
  • The security of the company's web page must be provided with at least 128 bit encrypted SSL certificate.

In addition, the features sought on the company web page include the following:

  • Full and clear description of products and services.
  • The price of products and services offered.
  • Terms and conditions for canceling the order and returning the product, and the option indicating that they have been read and accepted by the cardholder.
  • Customer support service contact numbers and email addresses.
  • Trade name of the workplace.
  • Province, district and country of residence of the company.
  • Address of the workplace.
  • Delivery policy.
  • The currency in which sales transactions are carried out.
  • Import restrictions, if any.
  • Confidentiality agreement and information security policy letters.
  • MasterCard, American Express and Visa logos must be clearly visible.

In addition, products that are prohibited for sale according to legal regulations should not be sold on the page. The e-sales certificate must be submitted online or in paper form after it has been realized by the company.

How to Apply to İşbank Virtual Pos?

To use WooCommerce İş Bank virtual pos, you must first apply to the bank's virtual pos. If you already have a workplace agreement with the bank, it is sufficient to apply to the branch and submit your request. For this, you are asked to sign the e-commerce agreement. If you are not a member business of the bank, you can apply to the nearest İşbank branch.

If you don't have a website yet web design and software you can benefit from our service. What you need on your website payment plugins for our product collection.

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