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WooCommerce Papara Virtual Pos

WooCommerce Papara Virtual Pos

WooCommerce Papara virtual poshelps you receive payments quickly and securely from your customers using Papara. With Papara virtual pos, you can realize your physical or digital product sales, appeal to all kinds of customers and gain more profit opportunities.

WooCommerce Papara virtual POS integration

WooCommerce Papara Virtual Pos

WooCommerce Papara virtual pos is a virtual pos plugin that allows you to receive payments from your e-commerce site. This plugin supports you to receive payments easily, quickly and securely. Papara is an online wallet that enables online shopping. The most important difference from standard banks is that it does not charge commission from users. Therefore, millions of people prefer to use Papara.

Papara, which provides the opportunity to pay and shop securely, also manages to satisfy its users with its unique advantages. With Papara, it is possible to upload money to your account at any time. You can send and receive money 24/7 without commission.

Papara, which allows you to pay securely for your online shopping, also allows you to withdraw money with your ATM or mobile phone number. Aware of all these advantages Gurmehub team, which enables you to receive payments with Papara for you POS Integrator developed the payment plugin.

What are the Features of WooCommerce Papara Virtual Pos Plugin?

WooCommerce Papara Virtual Pos

You have set up your e-commerce site. Your customers started visiting your site and interested in your products. But you realized that your customers who want to shop with Papara card are returning from your site. Here is what you need at this point POS Integrator.

The plugin developed by Gurmehub allows your customers using Papara to shop on your site in any way they wish. By getting our always updated plugin, you can offer a secure and fast payment environment to your customers using Papara. If you would like to experience the plugin live, you can check out the live demo on our product page. demo area of the site.

POS Integrator works integrated with many WordPress plugins. WordPress is a content creation software. By having POS Integrator, you can get paid in different ways with WordPress plugins.

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