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WooCommerce Kuveyt Turk Virtual Pos

WooCommerce Kuveyt Turk Virtual Pos

WooCommerce Kuveyt Turk virtual poshelps you offer a secure payment environment to your customers in your online business. With Kuveyt Türk virtual pos, you can receive your payments easily and quickly and increase your sales figures.

What is WooCommerce Kuveyt Turk Virtual Pos?

WooCommerce Kuveyt Turk Virtual Pos

WooCommerce Kuveyt Turk virtual pos, which enables you to receive payments from your e-commerce site, supports you to provide your customers with an extraordinary payment experience. Thanks to the unique features and advantages of our plugin, you can enjoy receiving payments from your e-commerce site to the fullest.

You are preparing to set up an e-commerce site. Your product or service to be sold is ready. You have clarified issues such as domain name, design, logo, hosting and infrastructure. In the sales phase, you have agreed with Kuveyt Turk bank to receive payments from customers. But you are confused about add-ons and features. Here is the Kuveyt Turk virtual pos plugin that comes into play at this stage.

You can get our product easily and offer your customers a unique payment option. You can get technical support or assistance for the plugin with support requests you open on our website for one month. During your license period, you have unlimited access to updates. In addition, GurmeWoo team is always with you during the additional installation phase. Initial plugin settings and integration processes are done free of charge by our team.

What are WooCommerce Kuveyt Turk Virtual Pos Features?

WooCommerce Kuveyt Turk Virtual Pos

POS Integrator offers many important features. These are listed as follows:

  • You can receive payment with Kuveyt Turk virtual pos.
  • Your customer experience reaches the next level.
  • It works in harmony with Kuveyt Türk virtual POS APIs.
  • The form on the WooCommerce checkout page can be used without the partner checkout page.
  • Various errors that occur during checkout are shown in detail.
  • Allows you to receive payments in multiple languages.
  • In case of faulty orders, problems are recorded in the order note.

What is Kuveyt Turk Virtual Pos?

WooCommerce Kuveyt Turk Virtual Pos

Kuveyt Türk virtual pos enables your customers who shop through your web page to make payments on your site. The customer enters their credit card or debit card data on the payment screen on the page. This data reaches the relevant bank. Then the transaction is authorized. The amount of the provisioned transactions is deducted from the customer's card limit or balance and transferred to the bank's account. This is a post that works completely over the web and is not a physical POS.

What are the Advantages of Kuveyt Turk Virtual Pos?

WooCommerce Kuveyt Turk Virtual Pos

Kuveyt Türk virtual POS is a POS system used to complete the purchases made on e-commerce pages. This system enables online shopping via credit card or debit card. You can apply for virtual POS from the bank's branches. Kuveyt Türk virtual POS advantages are quite high. The most important of these:

  • It enables payment via card in virtual stores on the e-commerce page.
  • Kuveyt Türk virtual pos supports the installment option. After the installment definitions are made, this process can be used actively. At this stage Easy Installment Plugin will come in handy.
  • Your customers can spend with all domestic and international cards.
  • You can perform all operations such as manual POS, reporting, sales and returns.
  • It supports you to receive payments securely with 3D Secure.

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