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Setting Up an E-Commerce Site - How to Login and Where to Start

Building an E-Commerce Site - How to Login and Where to Start

In this article, we will provide a guide for those who want to set up an e-commerce site. We will touch upon information such as which documents are needed, what kind of infrastructure should be established, and the contracts that should be included in the E-commerce site.

What is E-Commerce?

The concept of e-commerce first emerged in 1995. This concept can be simply defined as conducting trade on an online platform. It is the detailed definition of E-commerce that the produced goods, services and transactions such as distribution, advertising and payment are carried out electronically.

In recent years, e-commerce has an increasing trend in our country. E-commerce has become the center of attention of medium and small businesses as well as big brands. Electronic commerce provides companies with a great opportunity and benefit in sales. Especially COVID-19 During the pandemic, during the long quarantine period, the demand for the e-commerce system increased considerably. Many people who were previously prejudiced or distrustful of online shopping have met e-commerce. In the coming period, it is estimated that shopping via electronic media in Turkey and around the world will increase even more.

Okay. What is required to set up an e-commerce site? What are the tricks. We will address these for you.

How to Open an E-Commerce Site?

set up an e-commerce site

Even the smallest profit you will make after the sale you will make through your site must be on record. You must be a company owner to set up an e-commerce site. As the first thing, you should formalize your business and become a company. This is the first step you will take. Then you should take advantage of electronic payment facilities in order to sell electronically. You can make an agreement with banks for Virtual Pos, one of the best methods in this regard. About this subject How to get Garanti Bank Virtual Pos? Read our article to find out You can read it here. In the headings below, we will discuss the steps and tricks of doing E-commerce in detail.

Tips for Setting Up an E-Commerce Site

set up an e-commerce site

A professional E-commerce software

You should determine your needs for the e-commerce platform you will create and determine a good e-commerce infrastructure according to these needs. Software alone does not mean much. It is an important point whether the company that provides you with software support provides you with support in virtual pos, training, technical support and advertising. This is one of the most important infrastructures for setting up an e-commerce site.

Access to Target Audience

As in every sector, it is very important to reach the target audience for electronic commerce. A good target audience analysis should be done to reach potential customers of the product you sell. Marketing and advertising activities on the determined audience will increase the traffic of your site. Ranking high in searches on search engines for the product you sell is as important as opening a shop on a busy street. None of us even go as far as page 5 in search results. Mostly we enter a site that appears on page 1. At worst, we go to page 2. At this point, a good Search engine optimization (SEO) is of great importance. Our article about the service we provide on this subject You can read it here.

Security and Virtual POS

Another important step in setting up an e-commerce site is to provide a secure online payment system. You have established your company. You have made your site ready. Products are loaded and ready for sale. The last stage for the order to be completed is the payment. At this stage, you should provide virtual pos service on your site so that your guests who come to your site can safely buy the product they find with their credit cards. For this, you can negotiate with banks and make a virtual pos agreement. Iyzico You can also use systems such as Remember, for the continuity and satisfaction of your customers safe a payment option is a very important factor. A negative experience will definitely break their trust in you.

How to get Garanti Bank Virtual Pos?

Cargo Agreement

We have set up our site, the products are loaded, the customer who enters our site has placed their order after a secure payment. The next stage is transportation. Shipping costs are an important factor for the order of the selected products. We all look at the shipping cost when ordering. Free shipping or notIf it's paid, we'll look for the most suitable one. The transportation fees of cargo companies have increased considerably with the recent increases. Of course, the person who orders will not want to pay high shipping fees. In this case, it will be very useful to make an agreement with cargo companies. In this way, while the price paid per piece decreases, the customer will receive his order in a satisfied manner.

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