What is the Online Wallet Application Papara?

What is the Online Wallet Application Papara?

With the recent increase in online shopping, internet banking applications have become increasingly widespread and the most popular online wallet application PaparaI will introduce you in this article.

What is Internet Banking?

Internet bankingis an application that allows many banking services to be done over the internet with accounts belonging to the bank to be transacted. This service is suitable for many platforms. The person who will make transactions can make transactions with tools such as computers, phones or tablets.

There are 2 elements that are important at this point. The 1st element is that you need the internet to communicate with the bank. 2nd element each bank has its own internet banking is available. Thanks to internet banking, you can make transactions from wherever you are with a single click.

What is the Online Wallet Application Papara?

Online Wallet Application
Customize Your Website, Grow Your Business

Papara is an online shopping platform online wallet appis. The difference from standard bank applications is that it does not charge commission from users. Reliable Shopping PaPara also offers many special advantages to its users.

What are the Advantages of Papara?

PaPara you can top up your account at any time and send money 24/7 without commission. You can also make secure payments in your internet shopping and withdraw money with your atm or cell phone number.

You can also benefit from discounts on your subscriptions to Netflix, YouTube Premium, Spotify applications with Papara.

POS Integrator Papara Virtual POS Integration

e-export with wordpress
Customize Your Website, Grow Your Business

POS Integrator Get paid quickly, easily and reliably with Papara. We would like to inform you about Papara. 

Some Features of WordPress Payment Plugin POS Integrator

  • Update Throughout License
  • It allows you to quickly integrate across different payment institutions and commissions.
  • The payment institution allows you to process refunds without the need for bank screens.
  • It allows you to set up your test environment easily and quickly. This way you can experience payment processing in advance.
  • Card storage.
  • With the installment rules feature, you can set installment limits or block installments for products in the categories you specify in accordance with e-commerce law.
  • It records and reports errors that occur during payment. It prevents you from losing customers as a result of incorrect transactions.


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