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What You Need to Know About Technical SEO

What You Need to Know About Technical SEO

When it comes to optimizing the internal structure of your website technical SEO work takes a step forward. Thanks to these efforts, your web page loads faster and therefore the user has to wait less time to see your content. As a result, your page gets full marks from search engines. Most importantly, your site is indexed and recognized as secure.

Technical SEO is about improving the user experience on our website. As with on-page SEO or off-page SEO, it consists of more comprehensive applications, except for details such as content improvements or the inclusion of links. In this context, in technical SEO, studies related to the structure of the page and improving the server response should be applied.

What are the Things to Consider in Technical SEO Studies?

Technical SEO

Technical SEO has the goal of optimizing a website so that it is more crawlable by Google and offers a good user experience. There are different factors that can help you make this task easier for Google and at the same time try to give the user a better experience when visiting your website. These are listed as follows:

XML Sitemap

A sitemap is a document that numbers all the pages of a website, providing a map of what your website is like, giving information about the different pages that make it up. It is important to check if you have created a sitemap of your website. Also report the url where your sitemap is located to Google via Google Search Console. This will make it easier for Google robots to work and will enable the search engine to index your pages.


This is another vital document for our website that is added to the root index of your site and tells Google which pages it should or should not follow and, in that sense, whether or not they appear in the search engine. Pages that you don't want to appear in Google should include the nofollow and noindex attributes. With the noindex attribute you tell Google robots not to index it and with nofollow you tell them not to continue crawling it. Areas such as disclaimer, contract terms, pages with broken content are not interesting for users. Therefore, you should add this feature to them.

Technical SEO

Broken Links, 404 Errors and Server Response Errors

Fixing page and server errors is also important when it comes to technical SEO. An audit of broken links should be carried out to technically optimize your website, trying to achieve a better user experience. In this sense, broken links are redirected to an updated replacement page. A 404 error occurs when the server cannot find the requested page, either because you deleted it or by mistake. In addition, try to avoid 500 and similar server response errors.

Well Established SSL Certificate

For some time now, Google has been showing a warning message to the user when they enter an unsecured website, i.e. a website that does not work under the https protocol. Having an SSL certificate installed on your website will make it secure. You should make sure you choose a particularly good SSL certificate if your site is an online store or requires the user to log in.

Loading Speed and Important Web Data

In technical SEO work, we cannot forget the important concept of a website's loading speed. Slow loading of the web affects the user experience and causes Google to give you a negative score. In this sense, it is important that we look at the latest update of the Google algorithm, the Core Web Data that Google has extracted from its Lighthouse tool, which allows us to measure the load and rendering of the web.

If you want to know how fast your website loads, go to Google Page Speed Insights, enter your url and then you can check the results. You should pay attention to how your website loads on both computer and mobile.

In technical SEO applications, it is necessary to have certain programming knowledge to improve your website's architecture. However, the first step is to diagnose the state of your website. In the light of the above details, try to optimize your page so that Google will show you in the best light. You will make your website more useful WordPress plugins you can browse our page for more information.

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