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Importance of Installment Option in E-commerce

Importance of Installment Option in E-commerce

Nowadays; With the effect of the hikes, purchasing power has decreased significantly. Accordingly, there has also been a decline in shopping. Customers searched for how they could buy what they needed without wearing out their budgets. Some customers; while taking out a loan, customers who do not want to take risks by looking at the loan interest rates and installment maturity numbers, in our opinion, the most logical solution is 'installment' option.

Importance of Installment Option in E-commerce
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So why is it important to have installments, especially in e-commerce? Because; usually when buying high-priced products We need installments, and even though we live in a digital age and shop from a site that we think is very reliable, when it comes to buying high-priced products, we may experience a little hesitation. Our old habits can remind us of the risk rather than the practicality of "one-click" transactions. But in installment buying; both the intermediary of the bank and the division of the amount to be paid, rebuilds trust with customers. In addition, the conversion of the products left in the basket into orders can also be provided in installments. In this respect "installments play a big role in making a purchase decision" we can say. 

"Easy Installment Plugin", you can now help your customers by showing them your installment table on the detail page of the product they are thinking of buying, or just when they decide to buy and pay for it. Thus, you will show that you provide ease of payment in the most beneficial way possible.

Our plugin on all devices (computerphone, tablet, etc.) is also customer friendly by being compatible. At the same time compatible with your theme work, so you can customize the view settings to your liking.

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