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What is a Distance Sales Contract? Show Sales Agreement in WordPress

What is a Distance Sales Contract? Show Sales Agreement in WordPress

Distance Sales Contract It has become very important with the increase in the volume of e-commerce. In order to protect the interests of the seller and buyer parties in e-commerce, some legal regulations have been made. Here is what you need to know about the contract:

What is a Distance Sales Contract?

These are the contracts prepared by e-commerce site owners against buyers. It is organized in order to prevent negative incidents that may occur during and after shopping from the e-commerce site and to provide preliminary information about the procedures. All e-commerce sites are obliged to have a sales contract. The selling site must have the contract approved just before the order is created. In addition, although it is skipped during the installation stages of e-commerce sites, payment systems applications do not define virtual pos for sites without distance sales contracts. Therefore, sales cannot be made over the internet.

A sales contract is an agreement between the customer and the e-commerce site. The seller agrees to deliver or sell what is requested in exchange for the price that the buyer agrees to pay. Transfer of ownership in a distance sales contract occurs when the seller delivers the product and receives payment. In cases where the seller fails to deliver the product sold or the buyer's payment status is mishandled; changes occur in the functioning of the contract. Both parties may agree to transfer ownership to the buyer. However, if the buyer fails to pay, the seller can take back the product.

Preliminary Information Form

These are forms that you can provide your customers with preliminary information about their order and do not need to be saved or approved. For example, it can be a form that includes shipping information, payment information and detailed information about the order.

Distance Selling Agreement in WordPress

What is a Distance Sales Contract? Show Sales Agreement in WordPress
Customize Your Website, Grow Your Business

WooCommerce Distance Selling Agreement Plugin and the contracts you will create with your own template for the payment form or user registration process; customers or for users creates, displays, certifies and stores. And you can also use it multi-language support It is also possible to do it on your sites. 

WooCommerce Distance Selling Agreement Plugin it is now very easy to work in accordance with its regulations.

Plugin Features

  • You can create a contract using user information in the user registration form.
  • You can create a contract using the payment information in the payment form (checkout).
  • You can view multiple contracts on the same form.
  • You can view previews in the payment/user registration section of the created contracts.
  • Site-specific predefined constants can be created and used for contracts.
  • You can add mandatory or optional contracts. (The relevant form cannot be completed until the mandatory contracts are approved.)
  • You can access the created contracts from the management panel.
  • You can find the contracts that customers have approved for order/user registration in the My orders and contracts section.
  • You can send customer-approved contracts with the e-mail sent after the order.
  • In the contracts you will create, you can use order information with {$Sorder} tag and user information with {$User} tag.
  • You can display the contracts you create for each different language your site has, with content specific to that language.

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