What is 3D Payment?

What is 3D Payment? "3D Payment", also commonly referred to as "3D Secure", is a payment security protocol used to enhance the security of online purchases. 3D Secure provides an additional layer of security for online transactions made with a credit card.

This system usually operates under brands such as "Verified by Visa" and "MasterCard SecureCode". 3D Secure adds an additional step to verify the identity of the shopper. The user has to enter additional security information specified by the cardholder's bank before making a payment at the time of purchase. This information can usually be a password or a single-use verification code.

This method is used to reduce fraud in online purchases and verify that the cardholder actually made the transaction. By integrating this additional layer of security, e-commerce sites and payment processors offer their customers a more secure shopping experience. 3D Secure aims to secure online payment transactions, both by increasing customer security and reducing the risk of fraud for businesses.