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OpenCart vs WooCommerce Which is Better? 2020

OpenCart vs WooCommerce Which is Better? 2020

OpenCart and WooCommerce are open source coded e-commerce platforms and can be easily used and developed by standard users or programmers Platforms  The most important features of OpenCart and WooCommerce are that you don't need to spend money to set up and use them in a basic way.


Although WooCommerce is significantly more dominant than OpenCart, OpenCart users are also numerous.

If you are going to set up an e-Commerce site and you have the question "Will I use WooCommerce or OpenCart?", the article we have prepared is just for you.

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Opencart and WooCommerce E-Commerce Platform Overview


OpenCart's The story started in 2008 when it was launched as an e-commerce open source platform. For more than a decade, it has been trying to simplify store management for all kinds of online businesses - startups, small businesses, medium-sized stores and large enterprises.


OpenCart The most important feature that stands out about it is its ease of use. Besides being free to purchase, this platform is the go-to infrastructure for getting an eCommerce business up and running.

OpenCart infrastructure you do not need to pay any fees when using it. With all the basic features From OpenCart you can build e-Commerce sites from scratch. If you want to add more functionality, OpenCart offers you a variety of plugins and themes.

WooCommerce Platform

WooCommerce , OpenCartfrom It was launched three years younger, in 2011. Interestingly, despite being a new service, it received very positive feedback from users. Instead of being developed as an independent e-commerce platform, WooThemes is a standard WordPress open source code that transforms a website into a fully functional online store with free or paid theme options and database WordPress is used as a plugin. It is worth repeating that you need to set up a WordPress site before installing WooCommerce.


The year 2015 was a particularly extraordinary year for WooCommerce. WooCommerce was acquired by Automattic, the company that owns WordPress. WooCommerce has grown quite rapidly since 2015. Thanks to its flexibility and simplicity, it has reached a lot of new users.

WooCommerce's flexibility, in fact, comes from the rich integration it offers. By taking advantage of these tools, you can easily optimize the capabilities of your eCommerce site. And whether you are a small business or a large corporation, WooCommerce has a structure that can serve all climates and structures.

Which One Should You Choose Between OpenCart and WooCommerce?

OpenCart and WooCommercewas developed to support online businesses with eCommerce functionalities. However, while OpenCart is a completely independent open source platform, WooCommerce is a WordPress plugin. As a result, WooCommerce is used by WordPress users who want to convert existing sites into online stores. OpenCart, on the other hand, does not need an existing site.

However, both platforms are not only simple to use, but also offer various customization options to support online stores. OpenCart users can take advantage of their extensions and WooCommerce users can benefit from numerous plugins. OpenCart and WooCommerce offers many theme options that you can choose from.

    • While OpenCart is an open source platform, WooCommerce is offered as an open source WordPress plugin.
    • WooCommerce is developed for users who want to turn their WorpdPress sites into e-commerce stores.
    • OpenCart is not tied to a specific site.
    • Both platforms are user-friendly
    • Both platforms offer extensive e-commerce customizations. OpenCart offers plugins while WooCommerce offers numerous integrations.
    • Both offer a wide range of themes to set the face of your site.
    • WooCommerce's WordPress plugin and OpenCart's one-click installer make the installation process as simple as possible.
    • OpenCart also offers an alternative manual installation option. Although technically challenging, this option is suitable for extensive customization.
    • WooCommerce and OpenCart have simple, well-structured documentation.


e-Commerce Site


    • To conveniently facilitate design, OpenCart and WooCommerce offer many free and paid theme options.
    • WooCommerce users can also use many WordPress themes.
    • OpenCart users can use themes created by 3rd parties.
    • To customize the code structure, both OpenCart and WooCommerce have an open source structure.
    • WooCommerce's design process is similar to OpenCart's faster and easier.
    • WooCommerce is much more useful and easy to learn as it provides a simple design process with a large number of customizable themes.
Store Management
    • OpenCart and WooCommerce support all core e-commerce processes. Inventory management, order fulfillment, sales tracking, payment processing, fulfillment, reporting, marketing, etc.
    • Thanks to a wide range of functional features, you can adjust operations in both OpenCart and WooCommerce.


    • There is no cost to purchase and install WooCommerce or OpenCart.
  • Fees on both platforms apply when it comes to site hosting, domain name registration, purchasing themes and extensions, payment methods (such as Virtual Pos) and using various plugins.

Conclusion :

As GurmeWoo, we recommend WooCommerce to you. Flexibility, constant updating and a large number of users WooCommerceis the biggest reason why we recommend WooCommerce. And we have developed and are developing many plugins compatible with WooCommerce to support your online businesses. These include :



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