15 Best WooCommerce Plugins of 2021

15 Best WooCommerce Plugins of 2021

 If you're just getting started with WooCommerce or have recently if you opened it we've got the tools you need to grow your business. 15 Best WooCommerce Plugins . These are my personal favorites.

A. WooCommerce Plugins for Potential Customers

1. WISDM Product Inquiry Pro , WisdmLabs

A big disadvantage of online stores is the lack of a physical seller. And WISDM Product Inquiry Pro plugin and what he's trying to accomplish that's exactly what it is. Products are added to your page as ' Query ' forms and ' Request Offer ' allows you to add options.

With this, you can empower your customers to ask questions about your product's color, sizing, variants and everything in between. You can even allow your customers to request special pricing for the product.

This plugin can be useful as it will help you capture potential customers. It helps customers connect with you in a meaningful way. It gives you the opportunity to act as an online seller, answer their concerns and eventually convert them into customers.

It also has a special module for negotiating with customers, especially those who want to buy in bulk. This plugin speeds up the decision-making process for your buyers and helps you get customers quickly.

Price: 80 $

2. YITH WooCommerce Request List of YITH


YITH WooCommerce Request List You can allow your customers to create and save a list of products they want. It allows them to create multiple Wish Lists for birthdays, anniversaries, corporate celebrations, etc. Moreover, they can even share it with their family and friends.

When you let your customers create a wish list, they have a reason to come back to your store. If they share their list, more people will visit your store and you will have more potential customers. 

You can also analyze your customer's interests. This also gives you promotional emails or discounts gives you the opportunity to target and send.

Price: 99.99 $

3.wooCommerce Parachute Integration

  • You can make your predefined settings for Parachute integration via the WordPress panel. 
  • You can automatically invoice your orders with the invoicing options that appear in the orders.
  • According to your WooCommerce payment methods, the payment amount of the order can be written as a collection to the relevant cash register registered on Parachute.
  • You do not need to make changes on the Parachute system again after adding and editing materials. WooContract automatically synchronizes your materials.
  • Your customer registration and update processes are automatically updated on Parachute.

4. Tyche  WooCommerce Cart Pro

15 Best WooCommerce Plugins of 2021

Research people. almost % of 69 abandoning their shopping carts. So how can we use this information?

Don't worry! 

Abandoned Cart Prois a plugin that will help you bring back customers who abandoned their shopping carts.

This is the plugin, via emails, SMS texts or even Facebook messenger sends reminders to your customers. You can choose to send these reminders to logged in or guest users.

Every day, you will have a few customers who abandon their cart. While it's impossible to win back all customers, it's definitely worth using this plugin to bring at least a few of these potential customers back to your store. Even a few of them can contribute significantly to the growth of your business.

Price: 119 $

4. RafflePress

15 Best WooCommerce Plugins of 2021

Have you ever come across online Giveaway contests?

Running Giveaway contests once in a while is a great strategy to generate leads for your WooStore.

This plugin allows you to create your own viral giveaway campaigns that allow your customers to participate by performing specific social actions. 

You can ask them to tweet, follow your social media, post on Facebook, etc. In doing so, you will be able to grow your email list significantly. It will also bring more traffic to your website and eventually increase sales and profits.

Price: 39.20 $

5. OptinMonster

15 Best WooCommerce Plugins of 2021

Converting your website traffic into subscribers, leads and sales is a real challenge for businesses.

Fortunately, with the OptinMonster extension, you can make use of pre-designed templates designed for conversions from attractive sales offers or create your own from scratch.

You can also use the targeting engine to show these offers to the right people at the right time. You also have access to all the statistics you need to improve lead generation strategies. 

This powerful lead generation plugin is a must-have to convert your site visitors into customers. Besides that, it will also help you grow your email list, show targeted messages and ultimately increase your sales.

Price: 108 $

B. WooCommerce Plugins to Increase Conversions

6. WooCommerce Product Reviews Pro 

I always check product reviews before I buy anything online. In fact, most people do the same!

Product reviews are as important as personal recommendations. With the WooCommerce Product Reviews Pro plugin, you can equip your business with Amazon-style Reviews and filtering systems.

This plugin gives your customers what they expect in an online environment. the opportunity to examine will give . It even allows your customers to submit photo and video reviews.

This plugin is important for your business because it allows you to display product reviews customer conversion rates by almost% 270 has been known to increase !!! This only shows that people are highly influenced by ratings and reviews.

Price: 79 $

7. Product Slider for WooCommerce 

15 Best WooCommerce Plugins of 2021

Product Demonstrations and Presentation are extremely important.

To accomplish this goal, Product Slider for WooCommerce is designed for your products page. attractive and modern equestrian product is a plugin that allows you to create sliders. Your customer can quickly scroll through different products with ease and admiration. You can run this plugin anywhere on your site.

Having this plugin will help you strategically highlight your products in a neat, clean and professional way.

Price: Free of charge

8. Live Chat

15 Best WooCommerce Plugins of 2021

When you get an immediate response, conversion becomes easier.

With the Live Chat plugin, as the name suggests, you can connect with your customers and connect with them. real time so you can make the sale quick and easy.

Talking to your customers and solving their problems immediately and with a faster transformation you will need this plugin to finalize Having this live chat feature will not only provide your visitors with a great experience, but will also help increase conversions and sales.

Price: 16 $ / month

9. WooCommerce Product Comparison

15 Best WooCommerce Plugins of 2021

Before buying any product, everyone looks at different options and alternatives. Consumers like to compare products before making a decision.

Having said that, WooCommerce Products Compare is a plugin that will enable this functionality to help shoppers compare similar products with ease.

With this function, your customers can search for similar products prices, features, ratings etc. Easily can compare . You can add this option anywhere on your site.

Therefore, using this functionality in your business is quite important, especially if you run a large store and have similar products to offer. 

Price: 49 $

C. WooCommerce Plugins to Improve Marketing

10. WooCommerce Points & Rewards

You can reward your customers with points for every purchase or transaction (for example: sign-up). 

Your customers can then redeem these points on their next purchase Discount for your shopping cart. You can even control the maximum discounts that can be earned at the cart, product or category level.

This one, customers in hand to keep , their loyalty of winning, interaction , sales increase and new customers pulling is a great way. 

Having points and rewards systems is very, very important in providing a great customer experience. It also helps you save money, as acquiring new customers can be more expensive than retaining old ones.

Price: 129 $

11. MailChimp for WordPress

İengaging news releases and create meaningful email campaigns You can use the MailChimp for WordPress extension to execute. You can send emails to all subscribers or selected ones.

Running email campaigns and promoting your products through this channel can put your customers on a personalized path to purchase. And this can result in more subscribers, sales and profits. 

Price: 59 $

12. WooCommerce Recommendations Engine

15 Best WooCommerce Plugins of 2021

Netflix usually recommends shows/movies based on your previous time and before you know it, you've started watching one of their recommended movies!

Obviously, Product Recommendations are a powerful technique. And a plugin like the WooCommerce Recommendations Engine is a great way for your customers to Netflix or Amazon-like product recommendations allows you to create easily.

The plugin is designed to automatically recommend products to your customers based on their purchase history, viewing history and frequently purchased products.

 Recommendations will also add to your customer's shopping experience, as they will help them find products they like. In doing so, you'll also be helping customers find your store for future purchases. to come back you can provide.

Price: 79 $

13. Ultimate WooCommerce Gift Cards

15 Best WooCommerce Plugins of 2021

Gift cards are special and customers tend to use them to give gifts to friends and loved ones.

This plugin allows you to create, sell and manage gift cards in your WooCommerce store. You can allow your customers to buy these gift cards and email them to anyone. 

You can also use this plugin to customize predefined shopping cart templates, coupon code length, redemption, prefix, etc.

You can even schedule dates to deliver gift cards to your loved ones. The plugin is a great way to boost your holiday and non-holiday sales. It also helps you engage new customers and build brand loyalty, which is great for your business.

Pricing 69 $

14.WooCommerce Google Ads

15 Best WooCommerce Plugins of 2021

There are probably millions of customers who will buy your products if you can reach people effectively!

Now you can promote your products to interested buyers on Google with the Google Ads & Marketing plugin. It will connect your WooStore to the necessary accounts and also optimize it so that your products are on google. 

In addition, to ensure that your customers can only see in-stock products on Google your inventory in real time optimizes and syncs as well. You can also run smart paid shopping campaigns that will be shown on Google, Gmail, YouTube, etc.

Using Google Ads strategically in your business can help you increase traffic and sales. You can use it to expand your reach through Google, YouTube, Gmail, etc.

Also, to see what works and what doesn't for your campaign performance da you can watch . This is an excellent marketing add-on to increase sales and revenues.

Price: Free

D. WooCommerce Plugins to Optimize Your Website

15. Sucuri Security

15 Best WooCommerce Plugins of 2021

For your business to blossom, it must first be protected from threats and potential attacks.

While WooCommerce has a basic security structure, it is always recommended to have deeper layers of security to protect your business and your customers.

Also, with the Sucuri Security plugin stronger security levels . This plugin provides security hardening options, faster malware scanning to detect threats, File integrity monitoring, post-attack security options, etc.

You should use this plugin to secure your website at all times and ensure that everyone can use it. This will protect your customer data, detect threats in a timely manner, resolve them and help with smooth workflow. A good security measure will instill people's trust in your website.

Price: 199.99 $

Final thought,

That was my list of the 15 best WooCommerce plugins to have in your WooStore!

Before I finish, if you are a beginner, you may not need all the plugins right now, but as your site grows, your needs will increase and you will be looking for plugins. If you have special plugin requests, you can contact us. Make a note of the plugins or if you think there are more plugins that could be added to the list, feel free to comment below

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