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How to Get WooCommerce QNB Finansbank Virtual Pos? How to Integrate?

How to Get WooCommerce QNB Finansbank Virtual Pos? How to Integrate?

Are you ready for e-commerce with QNB Finansbank Virtual POS?

QNB Finansbank Virtual POSoffers a secure payment environment for e-commerce site visitors to sell online services and/or services via credit card.

What is QNB Finansbank Virtual Pos?

Virtual POS (Virtual Box) is the adaptation of physical POS devices to the internet, which allows online shopping with credit and debit cards. 

How does QNB Finansbank Virtual POS work?

  • In online purchases of products or services made with credit and debit cards, the Virtual POS transmits the information entered by the customer to the bank, and after the necessary checks are provided, it is returned as rejection or approval. 
  • In transactions approved by the bank, the amount of the shopping is deducted from the customer's credit card and transferred to the relevant bank account of the merchant. 
  • In this way, both the follow-up and reliability of the transaction is ensured.
  • In just a few seconds, all this is done.

Application and Procedures for QNB Finansbank Virtual POS Setup

We can summarize the Virtual POS application process as follows:

  • The first step is to open an account at the bank where the transaction will be made. Afterwards, the company that opens a commercial account at the bank or has an existing account must sign a "Merchant Agreement". The stages in the relevant contract are as follows: 
  • After completing the merchant application form, you must complete the necessary signatures of the merchant agreement
  • After your Virtual POS application is approved, installation of the software on the company website 
  • Testing the integrated system after Virtual POS integration and activating the application
  • There may be additional documents requested or additional services to be provided in accordance with the Bank's policy.
  • Additional e-commerce agreements, documents regarding commissions and fees to be paid for the use of Virtual POS, the operation of the Virtual POS system and digital security controls may differ between banks.

How can the effectiveness of QNB Finansbank Virtual POS Software be measured?

The most important feature of QNB Finansbank Virtual POS systems is that they have a strong security network and do not have any vulnerabilities.

What are the site criteria for QNB Finansbank Virtual POS?

  • The website must be active and if the site is in the testing phase, the test link should never be shared. 
  • Page visitors should be able to easily register and place orders.
  • Credit card payment option should be added to the payment field. 
  • Companies that will use their own payment page are required to have TLS and 128 bit SSL certificate valid for a minimum of 1 month. If there is no SSL certificate and payment page, QNB Finansbank Virtual POS can make the necessary transactions with the Secure Payment Page. 
  • Turkish Language option should be available. 
  • There should be no redirection to other sites.

How can you apply for QNB Finansbank Virtual POS?

Fill out our Application Form and we will call you. Visit our nearest branch.

What features should a good Virtual POS have?

  • Easy to use 
  • Ability to integrate with variable operating systems
  • Ability to transact in foreign currencies 
  • Acceptance of various credit cards for collections 
  • Having a Turkish interface program (support for Turkish usage) and providing ease of transaction between the customer and the seller 

QNB Finansbank Virtual POS advantages

To our customers whose website is ready;

  • Advantageous %1.19 single withdrawal commission rate 
  • No POS Software/Hardware/Maintenance fee with SME Banking Comfort Package
  • Plus installment campaign until the end of the year* 
  • %0 interest up to TL 10,000 within your SME Cash Account limit for 3 months
  • Masterpass integration opportunity***
  • Free product/price/stock management in marketplace integrations with Stockmount solution, one of the free Digital Bridge solution products until 2022

WooCommerce QNB Finansbank Virtual Pos Integration

QNB Finansbank new virtual pos setupQNB Finansbank virtual pos infrastructure is used in two structures via Asecco and vpos.

  • When QNB Finansbank Virtual pos is approved, login information to the virtual pos screen will be sent to your authorized e-mail address from your bank. URL to enter We log in to this screen with the information sent by the bank.
How to Get WooCommerce QNB Finansbank Virtual Pos? How to Integrate?

WooCommerce QNB Finansbank Virtual POS Plugin

WooQNBFinansbank QNB Finansbank Virtual POS Plugin
WooQNBFinansbank QNB Finansbank Virtual POS Plugin

The best way to get paid with QNB Finansbank Virtual POS through WooCommerce. The right choice to provide a unique payment experience to its customers.

Are you ready to enjoy getting paid with wooQNBFinansbank's unique features?

wooQNBFinansbank QNB Finansbank Virtual POS; Easy, Fast, Integration Solution

You want to set up an e-commerce site? You have found the product/service to be sold. You have clarified the hosting, domain name, design and infrastructure (wooCommerce) solutions to be used.QNB Finansbank) but if you are having a hard time deciding on integration and plugin features wooQNBFinansbank is just for you. For 1 month, you can get help for the plugin with support requests you open on GurmeWoo. You can benefit from updates for unlimited time. In addition to these, we are also with you during the installation phase. The first integration and plugin settings will be made by our team for free.

Features of WooCommerce QNB Finansbank Virtual POS Plugin

  • Can receive payments with Virtual POS.
  • Improves your customer experience through a test environment.
  • You can make order returns.
  • Fully compatible with QNB Finansbank Virtual POS APIs.
  • Without the partner checkout page, wooCommerce can use the credit card form on the checkout page.

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