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WooCommerce Vakıfbank Virtual Pos

WooCommerce Vakıfbank Virtual Pos

WooCommerce Vakıfbank virtual pos you can offer your customers the opportunity to pay with all debit and credit cards. The module is 3D Secure supported and payments reach you securely. It is possible to receive payments in Turkish Lira or foreign currency. It is used with bank account cards, prepaid cards and all credit cards. With WooVakifBank Virtual Pos, you can provide your customers with a high-level user experience.

What is WooCommerce Vakıfbank Virtual Pos?

WooCommerce Vakıfbank Virtual Pos

WooCommerce Vakıfbank virtual pos allows POS transactions to be made electronically by entering card information without using a physical POS device. This module has been developed to provide the seller with the opportunity to collect the price of goods and services with his card and the buyer with the opportunity to pay the buyer in cases where it is not possible for the seller to receive the price of the goods and services he sells at the time of delivery. Virtual POS is a software that makes it easy to purchase a service or good by giving instructions over the internet.

WooVakifbank enables your customers to make secure and easy payments for their online purchases. This virtual pos plugin developed by GurmeWOO stands out with its easy installation, automatic update and secure payment features.

You can perform Vakıf Bank Virtual POS payment transactions with POS Integrator.

e-export with wordpress

  • It allows you to receive payments with Virtual POS.
  • It improves your customer experience due to the test environment.
  • You can realize order returns through this pos module.
  • It works in harmony with Vakıfbank virtual POS APIs.
  • The form on the WooCommerce checkout page can be used.
  • It shows the customer in detail the possible errors that occur during payment.
  • It helps you get paid in many languages.
  • It adds the problems that occur in faulty orders to the order notes. Thus, it enables you to eliminate the problems experienced by your customers.

What are the Advantages of Vakıfbank Virtual Pos (VPOS)?

WooCommerce Vakıfbank Virtual Pos

WooCommerce Vakıfbank virtual pos gives you many advantages. These are

  • Turkish interface.
  • Ability to check the security code.
  • Ability to collect transactions made with cards based abroad.
  • Ability to control sales and other transactions.
  • Ability to see all sales lists in detail on a daily basis.
  • Ability to process returns, approvals and cancellations directly through the store program without connecting to the relevant interface.

What is Vakıfbank Virtual Pos Repeated Collection System?

WooCommerce Vakıfbank Virtual Pos

When it comes to WooCommerce Vakıfbank virtual pos, we should also mention the Repeated Collection System. It is a virtual POS feature developed for people who receive regular card payments from their customers or who want to make a large number of Mail Order transactions at once. This system is also used as a bulk authorization. This means that it is possible to collect from multiple credit cards at the same time.

  • No special software or installation is required for this system.
  • Transactions are made with card information recorded once.
  • Refund/cancellation transactions of successful collections are carried out 24/7.
  • All reports received through the management panel can be exported to Excel.
  • Instructions added to the system can be updated or canceled from the management panel.
  • Collections due are made automatically on a 24/7 basis.

Who is Vakıfbank Virtual Pos Repeated Collection System Suitable for?

People whose Vakıfbank virtual POS application is approved can benefit from the Repeated Collection System.

  • Companies providing subscription services.
  • Private schools, dershanes, colleges.
  • Site and apartment managements.
  • Institutions that charge membership fees such as foundations, associations, chambers and unions.
  • Service companies.
  • This system is suitable for insurance agencies.

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