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How to Get WooCommerce DenizBank Virtual Pos? How to Make Integration?

How to Get WooCommerce DenizBank Virtual Pos? How to Make Integration?

Today, the importance of the use of Virtual POS has increased with the increase in the effectiveness of sales, marketing and shopping activities in the internet area. Virtual POS (Virtual Pos) enables online shopping businesses to collect from credit cards. It can be used for transactions such as service purchases, dues payments, donations, shopping sites, B2B in almost every branch of tourism.

DenizBank Virtual Pos is an alternative payment system that enables the sale of services and products over the internet. It is based on the logic that the buyer purchases the product or service offered and priced by the seller on its own web page with a Credit Card or Debit Card and as a result of this transaction, the product price is reflected in the buyer's account. With DenizBank Virtual POS infrastructure, you can get 24/7 support and benefit from uninterrupted DenizBank Virtual POS application.

DenizBank Virtual Pos Benefits

  • It brings consumers and businesses together in a secure environment on the Internet.
  • It allows the business to expand from a narrow consumer market to a broader market.
  • It allows the transaction to be completed in a much shorter period of time compared to traditional sales times.
  • Allows 7*24 collection.
  • All credit cards and debit cards with Visa, Amex, Mastercard logos can be accepted and you can make Bonus installment sales, use bonus points and pre-authorization and closing transactions.
  • Turkish and English interface can be made.
  • Provides detailed reporting on the sales transaction.
  • It can be used for telemarketing and telemarketing.
  • It supports 5 different currencies (Dollar, Euro, Ruble, Sterling and Japanese Yen) in transactions made with foreign cards and allows the collection of the transaction amount in foreign currency.

DenizBank 3D Secure Security Application

It is a system that enables secure e-commerce transactions and is supported by international card organizations. It is an application that regulates the responsibilities of the payment steps (merchant-bank-cardholder). With this security method, merchants are also protected against possible cardholder objections after sales.

3d security application support is not available for Amex card transactions.

Inter- CPOS

It is a service that provides ease of collection with data transfer to businesses that need to make regular and collective collections. It is a web-based application recommended for businesses that make a large number of mail order transactions. It is possible to manage this structure securely in any environment with internet access. Collections by the workplace can be made individually or collectively in excel/text file format.

Inter- CPOS / Batch Collection POS

  • No separate special software or installation is required.
  • Enables one-time entry in recurring collection transactions.
  • Provides automatic provisioning for installment transactions.
  • You can perform bulk collection transactions automatically with data transfer.
  • Provides the possibility of manual provisioning one by one.
  • Alternative credit card information can be entered.
  • Detailed reports are available...

Who should use the Inter- CPOS Collection format?

It is suitable for insurance companies that have to make regular collections, apartment buildings, sites, associations, foundations and businesses that work with periodic newspaper / magazine / book subscription / membership.

Virtual POS Integration process

DenizBank provides all kinds of support 24/7 in providing integration methods suitable for existing infrastructures in line with the needs of its customers. After application approvals, DenizSanal POS Technical Support team first shares sample codes and procedures related to the integration method suitable for the website of the merchant.

VirtualPos Support Service contact information

If our customers have any problems during the installation and operation stages, they can get support service from the following e-mail address and phone numbers.

DenizBank Sana Pos Common Payment Page

There is no need for the merchant to design a payment page. This service enables customers to make their transactions securely and easily through DenizBank's common payment page.

It is a service prepared by the bank for the needs of such companies in cases where the technical facilities are insufficient, the hosting company cannot provide the necessary conditions or the workplace does not want the payment information to be received through the e-commerce site.

In addition, the partner payment page supports Turkish and English languages.

BKM Express Payment

It is an application based on performing transactions with credit cards registered to BKM Express through Denizbank virtual POS without giving card information to DenizBank member merchants.

Our Bank's virtual pos members can benefit from BKM Express application. In order for our Bank's Workplaces to be integrated into this system, they must first be registered as " " address to become a member.

It is not necessary to enter card information each time in electronic sales transactions made with BKM Express.

WooCommerce Deniz Bank Virtual Pos System Integration

After your virtual pos application is approved, store code, user code, password and 3d password information will be sent to your authorized e-mail address by DenizBank. With the incoming information You can log in to the virtual pos screen.

WooCommerce DenizBank Virtual Pos Integration Plugin


Do you dream of an e-commerce website? You have a product/service to sell and you have taken care of the hosting, domain name, design and infrastructure (wooCommerce) solutions to be used. You have already agreed with a bank to receive payment during the sales phase(DenizBank) but you don't have enough knowledge about integration and plugin features or any integration system you have decided on. WooDenizBank just right for youYou can get help for the plugin with support requests you will open on GurmeWoo for a period of 1 month. You can benefit from updates for unlimited time. In addition to these, we are also with you during the installation phase. The first integration and plugin settings will be made by our team for free.

Features of wooCommerce ING Bank Virtual POS Plugin

  • You can receive payments easily with Virtual POS.
  • Thanks to the test environment, you can improve the customer experience by experimenting.
  • You can receive order returns without any problems.
  • It has a fully compatible structure with DenizBank Virtual POS APIs.
  • Allows you to use the credit card form on the wooCommerce checkout page without the common checkout page.

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