Woocommerce Bulk SMS Sending

Woocommerce Bulk SMS Sending

Bulk SMS any organization that tends to achieve real success in today's mobile world mobile marketing strategy is an important marketing channel.

As we all know, mobile phones are an integral part of our digital world, which is why mobile-focused marketing has become a much more important strategy. Mobile marketing is a crucial marketing strategy for businesses of all sizes that want to gain a competitive advantage over their competitors and maintain their edge in the industry.

SMS Marketing What is it??

Talking about mobile marketing, SMS  en etkili pazarlama ve satış araçlarından biri olduğunu yatsınamaz bir getçektir. Cep telefonu ile iletilen bu küçük bilgi parçası, 3 dakika içinde %98 gibi olağanüstü bir açılma oranına sahiptir! Başka hiçbir pazarlama aracı bu oranlarda verimlilik sunmamaktadır.

While mobile technology has advanced significantly and offers many new age solutions, some 'good old things' never go out of fashion. SMS messaging is still very important for users. That's why you shouldn't neglect SMS marketing!  

Bulk SMS builds quality customer relationships 


Bulk SMS will improve your marketing and customer communication. It is fast, cost-effective, creates meaningful conversations and is permission-based.

Bulk text messagingBulk MessagingSMS software and even Text message marketing also known as Bulk SMS is a service that allows businesses of all sizes to send large volumes of SMS messages to various cell phones over different mobile networks. Simply put: Bulk messaging allows you to send SMS to a large number of recipients at the same time. 

Bulk SMS helps businesses build scalable relationships. Bulk SMS enables its users to send SMS nationally and internationally. Therefore, this type of SMS delivery is one of the best solutions for businesses aiming to reach a specific audience locally or globally.

Bulk SMS messaging most common use These are It's for:  

  • Bulk SMS advertising
  • sending notifications
  • Warnings
  • Reminders
  • Security checks (password confirmation) 
  • Product Information
  • News
  • SMS newsletters
  • Entertainment (competitions)
  • All kinds of different text messages

Who uses bulk SMS software?

This type of messaging is known to be used by  

  • Consumer brands
  • businesses
  • Banks
  • Media outlets
  • Major airlines
  • Travel Agencies
  • Health service providers
  • Large consumer websites
  • Retailers etc.

Why do they use this service?

Because they have a large audience of users and customers who need to be reached at once with specific information. However, bulk messaging is not limited to large companies.

SMEs can and should use this service too. While email marketing is seen as one of the most effective ways to reach people, the reality is that only a small percentage of emails are read. The same risk applies to SMS marketing, but since the messages come directly to people's phones and do not require the Internet to be opened and read, the risk is worth taking. 

Bulk messaging is an excellent platform that can be used to organize fun mobile marketing campaigns that not only help you generate additional revenue, but also keep people remembering and engaged with your brand.

How to Send Woocommerce Bulk SMS?

Customize Your Website, Grow Your Business

In contact forms created with Contact Form 7, you can send information sms to the administrator and the person who wrote the form!

WooSms Notification Plugin Contact Form 7 For example; you entered your information for a doctor's appointment in the relevant fields and pressed the save button. But you did not see that your registration was created successfully. At this very moment, the message "Your appointment has been successfully created" coming to your phone will give you peace of mind. Likewise, the fact that the information that the appointment has been successfully created goes to the relevant person as an SMS notification will prevent many confusion.

What is Contact Form 7

Contact Form 7 is the most popular contact form plugin that allows websites using WordPress infrastructure to create a contact form. It is translated for 43 different languages and used by more than 5 million people on their websites.

So what exactly does the WooSms Notification Plugin do here?

When a Contact Form 7 contact form is filled in, it sends a notification SMS to the person who filled it in and to the administrator of the site. This will be sent to WooSms thanks to the message writing area. The fact that the message writing area can be changed is also a great advantage.

Supported SMS Companies

Features of WooSms Notification Plugin

  • VatanSms , contact center, NetGSM and Verimor After making SMS api connections, you can view whether the system is working correctly with the test SMS feature.
  • You can view your balance and SMS rights on the SMS Company you have connected.
  • You can determine the sms you send to inform your customers.
  • When customers create a forum, it increases trust in the site as feedback is provided.
  • Since the site administrator receives information sms, it facilitates the follow-up of form movements.
  • Thanks to Dokan and WCFM support, receiving a notification message when an order arrives speeds up the ordering process.

Features Planned to be Added Soon

  • Sending bulk sms
  • User login with mobile phone verification

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