What to Expect in WordPress 6.5?

Wordpress 6.5

WordPress 6.5, the latest version of WordPress, introduces a number of innovations and improvements to help users build and manage their websites more efficiently. This update is packed with exciting new features for content creators and developers alike. Here's a detailed review of what's new and improved in this release:

Accessibility and Performance Updates

With WordPress 6.5, significant usability and performance updates have been made to the Site Editor and Post Editor. These updates provide a huge speed boost when using the Block Editor and Site Editor. Load times and input processing speed have been greatly improved thanks to the new library. It also includes more than 65 accessibility improvements. These changes include adjustments to contrast settings and positioning of elements, cursor focus, etc.

These major updates to the Site Editor and Post Editor in WordPress 6.5 make the process of creating and editing content faster and more efficient for users. Now users will have a more streamlined experience when creating and editing their content. These updates are also focused on accessibility, making them more easily accessible to a wider range of users.

New APIs

For developers, new APIs have been introduced with WordPress 6.5. This feature, called the Interaction API, allows developers to create front-end experiences using blocks. It simplifies the process by not requiring external tools to interact with these elements and making them interactive on a regular page. This allows developers to create more immersive and user-friendly websites. To understand what the Interaction API is used for, and to improve your work with a few ideas, we've created an interactive API created by the WordPress team. WP Movies demo you can visit the site.

Options for Classical Themes

WordPress 6.5 introduces new design tools for users using classic themes. These tools allow them to further customize the design of sites using classic themes. Users can now easily customize various design elements such as area, border, typography and color even without using the theme.json file. This helps users make their websites more unique and attractive. Now users using classic themes can personalize the look of their site and enhance the user experience with a flexibility they didn't have before. This feature empowers WordPress users of classic themes to create modern and unique designs, so users can make their sites more compelling.

WordPress 6.5 New Font Library

One of the most notable features of WordPress 6.5 is the new Font Library. This library gives you more control over all the typography you use throughout your pages. Now users will have more freedom to play with the fonts of the text on their site. The new Font Library allows users to easily install and activate native fonts and Google fonts. This feature applies to any theme and gives the option to include custom typography collections.

Offering more freedom and subjectivity in design, this feature is just one of the valuable contributions WordPress provides to its users. Users can now enhance the aesthetics of the design by using different and eye-catching fonts in the text of their site. This feature makes WordPress stand out as more than just a content management system, giving users more control and flexibility in the design and content creation process.

Refreshed Style Overhaul

With WordPress 6.5, an improved style revision that provides more information about the changes made at the time of each revision is also available to users. Now, inside the editor, you can easily access the option to view past revisions in the styles section. These revisions become instantly accessible while working on the template. This allows users to better see and control changes that have already been made. Also, since this update is more visually oriented, it allows users to keep track of changes in a more practical and convenient way. This feature allows users to visually access previous revisions more easily, making the editing process more efficient.

Other Improvements and Updates

WordPress 6.5 also includes a number of other improvements and updates. These include performance updates, image control options, new link editing options, more convenient drag-and-drop control and more.

What's Waiting for Us in WordPress 6.5?
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