5 Best WordPress Hosting Providers in Turkey

Top 5 Wordpress Hosting Providers in Turkey

Turkey continues its services as active in the field of hosting and hosting itself in the field of many talking about WordPress hosting provider are available. Speed is the most important issue in today's internet world. In addition, service quality is very important for customers who will receive this service.

When choosing hosting, you will see that companies vary considerably in terms of quality, price, performance and support. Some companies very good performance promises while keeping prices very high. Others provide mediocre services at affordable prices. But since the competition rate is high in the hosting industry, good companies think more about the customer and improve their services day by day.

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While this is the case, you can find a high performance hosting service with an affordable price according to your needs after a good research. The case here is how you should determine your needs. In this article, I will talk about what we should pay attention to when choosing WordPress hosting and 5 WordPress Hosting companies.

What Should We Consider When Choosing WordPress Hosting?

1. Uptime: Çoğu işletme, çalışma süresini doğrudan ölçmek yerine, kesinti süresini hesaplar . Kesinti süresi , bir işletmenin yılda kaç dakika çevrimdışı duruma geldiğinin veya başka bir şekilde çalışamaz hale getirildiğinin bir ölçüsüdür . Hem kesinti hem de çalışma süresi “ yılda dakika ” biçiminde veya yüzde olarak ifade edilebilir . Örneğin, bir işletme yıl içindeki toplam dakikaların %0,1’i için çevrimdışıysa, işletmenin o yıl için %99,9 kesintisiz çalışma elde ettiği söylenebilir. Kısaca hizmet aldığınız hosting şirketinin uptime süresi doğrudan sizi de etkiler.

2. Page load time: The fact that the page load times of the sites are under 2-3 seconds causes them to get some kind of plus points from search engines. Therefore, the faster the site opens, the more positive impact it will have in terms of SEO.

3. Costs of the lowest priced hosting packages: Especially for small businesses, it may be unacceptable to allocate a large part of the budget to hosting. Therefore, as I said before, a good price/performance research is required.

4. Features: Some hosting providers offer free website migration, free domain name or free SSL certificate to attract customers. These processes should be followed and these features should be utilized.

6.Ease of use: One of the most important elements for customers who will receive hosting service is the panel. cPanel or Plesk panel is generally more useful than the panels created by the hosting companies themselves.

7. Server availability in Turkey: The country where a hosting provider's servers are located is very important. This has a direct impact on the speed of your site. Especially if the servers are selected hosting providers located in Turkey and the service is taken from Turkey provides a plus speed for users logging in from Turkey.

8. Customer support: Customer support is definitely something to pay attention to. You may not be technically proficient in every subject. In such cases, every customer wants to get a fast and precise return.

9. Turkish support: İngilizce seviyeniz her zaman yeterli olmayabilir. Bu tür durumlarda süreç tıkanır. Bundan kaçınmak için %100 Türkçe desteği sağlayan bir hosting sağlayıcısı ile çalışmayı kesinlikle tavsiye ederim.

10. Refund policies: When the payback periods are analyzed, it is always ideal to choose hosting providers that pay with the highest payback period.

Which is the Most Preferred WordPress Hosting Provider in Turkey?

1-) Turhost

Customize Your Website, Grow Your Business

Turhost is one of the leading hosting companies in Turkey. It is good in terms of price/performance compared to other hosting providers. cPanel you can install applications with a single click. Weekly backup you don't have to worry about your data.

2-) Alastyr

Top 5 Wordpress Hosting Providers in Turkey

I think Alastyr is one of the most affordable hosting companies in Turkey. Alastyr is also an effective registrar. Free transportation of .TR domain names does. It has been active in the hosting industry for about 20 years. It offers many options for users about hosting opportunities.

3-) İsimtescil


The servers of İsimtescil are located in Istanbul. 45 kişilik ekibi ile Pazar payının %42’sine has. In addition, providing server service is an important advantage over other hosting providers. It is also possible to buy a .TR extension domain through İsimtescil.

4-) Natro

Top 5 Wordpress Hosting Providers in Turkey

Natro uses its own servers and its servers are located in Istanbul. It is one of the highest performing hosting companies in Turkey. Turkey and Germany as server location options.

5-) SiteGround

Top 5 Wordpress Hosting Providers in Turkey

You are the hosting provider that has made a name for itself for the last 6 years. Especially WordPress hosting service is the best quality of the services available in the market. Siteground serves with one-click installation and a unique detailed control panel. Apart from providing free SSL, I guarantee that you can get a high performance by using WordPress infrastructure.


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