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Must-Have Apps in the Shopify Store

Must-Have Apps in the Shopify Store

Apps that should be in the Shopify storemakes your online store more useful and practical. If you have an e-commerce site built with Shopify and you want to develop your store in the best way; You can achieve this by using various applications. Here are those Shopify applications...

Shopify Shipping Integrator

Apps that should be in the Shopify store

First on the list of must-have apps in the Shopify store Shopify Shipping Integrator is included. The prominent feature of this application is that it speeds up your entire shipping process. Thanks to the application, you can define cargo through the module. However, you get the advantage of being able to make the cargo process of many products in a practical way.

The application offers you the same convenience it offers you in the process of informing your customers. It allows sending SMS to your customers automatically through certain templates. In this way, your customers can easily track their cargo.


Must-Have Apps in the Shopify Store

Doofinder is another must-have app for the Shopify store. You might be wondering how a search engine can improve your store. There are many different qualities that make Doofinder special. It is possible to explain them as follows:

  • Intelligent search: It has NLP technology to process language naturally. So it can process searches and understand what the user wants to find, use synonyms.
  • Personalized results: Providing results that are differentiated for each user and according to the desires or behavior of each customer.
  • Promotion of products: If you have a product that you want to be featured, the app will show it above the others for a specific search.

Free Shipping Bar

Must-Have Apps in the Shopify Store

In general, free shipping increases the sales of a business. But for this to work, it needs to be advertised in the right way. This app allows you to add a button at the top of your website to inform about free shipping. At the same time, the app also helps you retain potential customers.


Must-Have Apps in the Shopify Store

When we think about buying a product, it is very common to look at its score. The higher a product's score, the more likely we are to buy it. Judge.me, which is on the list of must-have apps for the Shopify store, allows you to better manage product reviews. This app is perfect for collecting buyer reviews and displaying them publicly.


Must-Have Apps in the Shopify Store

The Privy app helps you acquire subscribers, increase store conversion and ultimately build customer loyalty. All this through the use of elements such as pop-ups or emails. What you can show your customers with this app includes

  • Special promotions or discount coupons
  • Abandoned cart notifications
  • Free shipping notifications

However, the free version of the app does not allow you to send emails and there is a limit of five thousand page views for pop-ups. The app comes with a fifteen-day free trial. So you can try the app at any time and at the end of the trial you can decide whether to subscribe to one of the plans or stay with the free version.

Plug in SEO Optimizer

Must-Have Apps in the Shopify Store

When it comes to must-have apps in the Shopify store, Plug in SEO Optimizer is on that list. The free version is very complete and helps you detect errors that affect your positioning. For example, it informs you about possible broken links or unoptimized product pages or page titles. It also allows you to check other factors that can harm your web positioning.

The big difference with the paid version is that it not only provides information, but also automatically makes some changes for you.

Bulk Image Edit

Must-Have Apps in the Shopify Store

This app takes care of everything related to visual SEO optimization. It is among the most preferred applications by users. With the application, you can perform the optimization of images in a practical way. It offers image compression feature to increase loading speed.

Referral Candy

Must-Have Apps in the Shopify Store

Our list of must-have apps for the Shopify store continues with Referral Candy. The app offers the buyer a reward for recommending the store to a friend. This reward can be in the form of discounts, coupons to spend in the store, or a gift with the next order. This app not only attracts new customers, but also helps you retain regular customers.

PageFly Landing Page Builder

Must-Have Apps in the Shopify Store

PageFly Landing Page Builder is a tremendous choice for easily designing any type of page. It appeals to those who have no computer or design knowledge. It can be used on any e-commerce site. Contact page, about us page, product pages, order pages can be designed and personalized with the application.

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