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How to Buy Kuveyt Turk Virtual Pos? How to Integrate?

How to Buy Kuveyt Turk Virtual Pos? How to Integrate?

In this article Kuveyt Turk Virtual Pos and will address the issue of Kuveyt Turk WooCommerce Virtual Pos  that makes the integration game in a practical way wooKuwaitTurk plugin.

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What is Kuveyt Turk Virtual Pos?


It is the POS system used in the realization of purchases made on e-commerce sites. This system, also called VPOS (Virtual POS), allows online shopping with credit cards.

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Kuveyt TurkHow Does Virtual Pos Work?


Your customer shopping through your website enters their credit card information on the payment screens on the website, this information reaches the relevant bank and the transaction is authorized. The amount of the provisioned transactions is deducted from the credit card limit of the relevant customer and transferred to the bank account you work with.

Kuveyt TürkWhat are the Types of Virtual POS and Application Requirements?

Free Pos Features

  • It enables payment by card on e-commerce sites, online stores.
  • Free POS (Virtual POS) supports the installment option. After the installment is made, you can make installments to Kuveyt Türk Credit Cards.
  • Your customers can easily realize their transactions with all domestic and international credit cards.
  • You can perform all your transactions such as reports, manual POS, sales and returns.
  • You can apply for Kuveyt Türk Virtual POS free of charge through Kuveyt Türk branches.
  • It provides a secure payment with 3D Secure. For detailed information about 3D Secure click here.
  •  Your customer shopping on your e-commerce site enters their card information in the specified fields on the site and this information reaches the card's bank. The amount of the provisioned transactions is deducted from the card limit of the relevant customer and transferred to the bank account you work with.

Free Pos Application Documents

  • Signature Circular
  • Institution Registry Certificate
  • Tax Certificate
  • Website Address
  • Common IDs and Mail Addresses

For Freepos member What information is mandatory for a business to have on its website?

  • Confidentiality agreement
  • Distance sales contract
  • Return agreement
  • Contact details
  • SSL certificate
  • Active Payment page
  • Product Price Information

Collection System Features

  • It is a type of POS that periodically collects from credit cards.
  • The system works on the Mail Order principle. After the information obtained from the customer is entered into the system by the merchant, the collection process is realized.
  • You can set the payment/collection periods as daily, weekly and monthly as you wish.
  • Since it is a product that does not require a website infrastructure, it is sufficient to have only an internet connection at the member workplace.
  • It is a completely free product.
  • It is suitable for private schools, associations, site administrations, and companies that receive subscriptions such as newspapers, foundations and magazines or receive regular payments from the internet, etc.

What is WooKuveytTürk?woocommerce kuveyt türk virtual pos

You want to create an e-commerce site? You've done most of the work on the product/service to be sold, and you've got the hosting, domain name, design and infrastructure to be used (wooCommerce) you have also decided on solutions. You have agreed with a company to receive payment during the sales phase(Kuveyt Turk) but you are having a hard time deciding on integration and plugin features. WooKuwaitTurkthis is exactly where it comes to your rescue. For 1 month, you can get help for the plugin with all support requests you will open through GurmeWoo and you can benefit from updates in unlimited time. In addition, the first integration and plugin settings are made by our team free of charge during the installation phase.

Features of WooCommerce Kuveyt Turk Virtual POS Plugin

  • Receiving payments with Virtual POS.
  • Opportunity to improve your customer experience through a test environment.
  • Order returns.
  • Fully compatible with Kuveyt Turk Virtual POS APIs.
  • Without the need for a partner payment page WooCommerce checkout You can use the credit card form on this page.


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